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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


When Angelina Jolie came out as Tomb Raider almost a decade ago, she was a blooming flower trying to establish a name on the action genre, and women made her an icon, an image of a strong woman yet still display the affection and charm of the human feminine.

Yes, she made a lot of action movies in the past but almost all of them are forgettable – she’s better off in portraying dramatic roles, but then, who could resist a hot chick that can kick some ass. No one.

Salt is all about espionage. Jolie is Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who was framed to be A Russian spy off to kill the Vice President of Russia. So what? The plot is so common that one would assume they have seen everything. As the movie progresses, the plot thickens and everything seems to be unsure. Is Salt the protagonist, antagonist or a pivotal character? And for most good versus evil movies, you know what will happen next and what could be the trigger for such a change: Love. Yeah! Cheesy it might sound, but yes, Laahhvv…

It is in Salt that Jolie clearly states that even for a 30+ year old chick with babies in a carriage can really kick hard. She is much tougher than James Bond in this film. Cool, savvy and sometimes reckless but hot. She walks the same road that Sigourney Weaver once treads. She looks too thin in this movie which makes her a little too old but what the heck, it’s a good movie with good action scenes. The freeway scene is as good as the one seen in Matrix Reloaded, with exception of the flying, of course. Seasoned as she is, Jolie makes a believer out of me.

Step back James Bond, someone is tougher than you are… and it’s a girl.