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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Top 5 Horror Films

Have you ever saw a film that you wished you did not watch them in the first place? Or a film you have to watch over and over again just to get used to it that when you watch it with your friends, they would think you have the nerves of steel? Probably you have seen some of the movies in this list and made you think, "Yup, seen it, afraid at first but now.... I still am."

5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
- This movie tells a true story of one of Vatican's noted exorcism which turned out to be a medico-legal case when Emily Rose died during the exorcism. I have seen movie a few times already but the chills is not evident while watching it, the chills happened after watching it and while you are in bed waking up at 3am.
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4. Carrie
- John Travolta stars in his first movie based on a Stephen King novel. Sissy Spacek is Carrie, a misguided daughter with a religious fanatic for a mother. Carrie doesn't know she has telekinetic powers at first, but because of a series of bullying at school, she manages to see her potential and eventually gets back to those who wronged her in one of the most terrifying sequence during their Senior Prom.
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3. Paranormal Activity Part 1
- Paranormal Activity might be the biggest money-maker among all the horror movies made. With a budget of only $15000, the movie made more than $100 million dollars. Although the movie was poorly acted almost most of the time, watching it in the middle of the night with lights off would surely put you in the mood in hiding behind the sheets of your bed. What makes this film scary is the way it is presented, like a documentary that everything happened in reality. 2 sequels were made but they were not able to live up from the first film as the storyline goes weirder and weirder.

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2. The Ring
- The films follows a story very familiar to everyone. Have you ever received a letter telling you that you have pass it to 20 or more people otherwise you die? The Ring has that certain premise but with a cursed videotape. After watching the video, you will die in seven days, and not only that, you will get a free notification on the phone telling you, the game is on. There are a lot of freaky stuffs in this film, but the video itself is creepy beyond measure. The climax of the movie is even one of the best scenes in horror history as Samara Morgan crawls out the telly and make the kill. Directed by Gore Verbinski, this was his door in making a big name in Hollywood before landing in the directorial spot for the Pirates of Carribean series.

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just for fun here is the cursed video, watch at your own risk!

1. The Exorcist
- If the Exorcism of Emily Rose freaked you out, then you might feel only a small fraction of fear if you watch The Exorcist. I have seen this movie 5 times and still I freak out with every minute of the entire film. The plot is simple: A little kid is possessed by the demon and Father Merrin performs an exorcism. Listed as the scariest movie of all time, it is not a surprise with all the elements included in the film. If you have seen The Exorcist, it would be easier for you to get through other horror films.
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The Media Guru is back

After for more than a month of being away, I finally decided to make another post... Since I am very much away from civilization, I don't have reviews of movies currently shown here in the Philippines. I know it is a bummer however, I am back!!!!!!! For the next few weeks, expect to see my Top 5 lists before I go back to reviewing movies. Hopefully I will be able to see the movies I missed for the past month... :) I miss all my readers.. :) <3

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