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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thoughts of a Teacher

There is something that U-Week has taught me. Stand up for the students. It is not to please them or anything in particular to gratify oneself. It is to assist them in deciding and making them understand things that are not yet clear for them. I have to admit i was drained the whole time. To look for solutions for their problems. To make sure their morale is held up high. But then, when efforts are pushed to the limit, it is hard to accept that this is my limitation. This is not self pity. This is a realization that they are no better rewards than to see your students happy, contented and more mature in their way of thinking. It is nice to see when they accept responsibility not because they blame themselves but because they know it is the right thing. This is the teachers legacy.THIS IS OUR LEGACY AS CLINICAL INSTRUCTORS. That when his or her students learn not only the facts he/she teaches inside the classroom, but when they learn to deal with life the right way. 

It is not about what is easy but what is right. People tend to resort in things that make their life easier irregardless if it is correct. But hope clings stronger that we don't have to resort to such. Draining as it is, a shed of tear can be excusable. The mixed emotions - Relief, Happiness, Hope, and Love are just a few of those emotions. 

I hoped but not falsely. I hoped and faith clings. God has been the ultimate provider in our needs, financially up to emotional and spiritual needs and it is not only fitting that we give this victory back to him. I have seen the faces of my students when Nursing is not dominating the awards ceremony this morning, but God did HIS miracle on us last night and assured that we will have victory, not only with this battle but in our own individuality. He made sure that we value HUMILITY; that nothing can dampen our spirits if we call to HIS aid; that we, though weak, are strong if HE lives in our hearts with great sincerity. 

Another U-Week ends. Let us not hope that the lessons will not fade in vain. Let it burn like coal in a fireplace and live through it. Let it live.

Thank you for valuing these lessons. Thank You God for being a guide to us. Thank You for all the blessings. Thank you for all those who supported us! Thank You! Thank You!