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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top 5 Romantic Movies

These are just the movies that makes you hug your partner or if you are alone, your pillow. These are the movies that make you wish it was your story you are watching, the start of our fantasies that would never happen unless you pay someone to do it for you. So here you are, the list of movies that you would love if you are in a relationship or hate if you are single and still miserable. And take note, Twilight will never make it in this list.

- Based on Ian McEwan’s novel of the same title, Atonement is a story about two lovers caught between the malice of a person. This contemporary film is a combination of the depressing and the hopeful. This movie launched Saoirse Ronan’s career. This movie showed how love can change things even when consequences are against between two people.

- Ghost is one of the romantic films ever won the Best Picture Award in 1990. It stars Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the prime of their careers. The film is the best combination of Whoopi Goldberg’s humor and Moore’s and Swaze’s chemistry. The movie showed how death could not separate true love.
Notable scene: THE POTTERY 

- The second Swayze film in the list. Yup, he made a lot of great romantic films during his time. Dirty Dancing is set in the early 60s when Baby (Jennifer Grey) was at summer camp and met the star dance instructor (Swayze). When Baby offered help to be a replacement of Swayze in a dance, this started the sparks. Dirty Dancing has a lot of moments you wish you were Baby
Notable scene: THE LAST DANCE

- The only film based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel that gives the best justice his novel could have. The chemistry between Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling is evident on screen. The bitterness of a love that is endless and the sacrifices of both partners make this movie loved by its viewers.
Notable scene: THE LAST FRAME

- The plot may be unbelievable for some but this is just the one that really hits the spot in everyone’s hearts. A millionaire falling in love with a prostitute could be the best fairy tale ever told. Julia Roberts plays as the hooker and Richard Gere as the millionaire in this film that teach us to look beyond the superficial.

Top 5 Anime's in the 90s to Early 2000s (GMA)

Though ABS-CBN has its shares of really interesting soap-opera type of Anime's, GMA, on the other hand, has their own way definition of what anime is. It was during the early years of 2000s that GMA began a series of Animes in the afternoon and eventually taking over the primetime slot. This change even surpassed the rating of soap operas shown in other networks proving that even adults are really into it. So here are the best animes GMA has shown over those period of years.

- During these years, we were re-introduced to Lupin's character, a notorious thief who, above everyone else is charming, witty and resourceful. Together with him are Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko. Although, this was condemned by most parents because of the theme, Lupin was a hit and was shown from 3 times weekly to daily basis. In the original run of this anime, themes such as violence and sex is very explicit and was removed during its entire run here in the Philippines. The wacky antics of Lupin while trying to accomplish a mission and escaping the clutches of Detective Zenigata won us viewers every night.

- These adorable creatures surely made our afternoons crazy. Doraemon is a time-travelling robot who bumped into Nobita in his desk. This started the unusual friendship between the two. Doraemon helps Nobita out of the misfortunes he had by handling him various objects from the future. However, Nobita still fumbles even with the help he got. Doraemon has the record with the most episodes ever done, even surpassing the Simpsons. Mojacko, together with Mojari and Mojaro are aliens stranded here on Earth. They were taken care of Sorao. The cuteness and gags really are fun to watch. As of this date, GMA is having reruns of the show every morning, so maybe you can catch up with it and relive the memories.

- I remember high school days when schoolgirls would swoon over Tamahome, Hotohori and Nakago and not the Backstreet Boys or NSync. The story tells about Miaka and Julie being sucked up by a book called The Universe of the Four Gods. Their adventure turned into a disaster when Julie and Miaka were separated and Julie was raped. The love story between Miaka and Tamahome was the key theme why this became a hit. The characters surrounding the main protagonist and the conflict between Julie and Miaka also had the viewers glued to their boob tube. Up to this date, Fushigi Yuugi remains to be one of the best animes GMA ever had. Friday evenings won't be complete without watching this.

- Recca Hanabishi and Eugene are completely different individuals, however, the story arc between the two animes are almost similar. Both of them do not know of their capabilities; both of them has a young girl to protect; and both of them has their powers coming out of their hands. Flame of Recca tells about a young boy transported to the future in order to escape death that awaits in his current time. He has the capability to conjure the masters of the old into fire. Eugene on the other hand, has Rei Gun on his pointing finger. He battles monsters in a deadly gladiator games in order to protect the woman she loves. Both of them has very engaging stories and fight scenes that makes the viewers imitate their powers as if they have them.

- Both  deserves to be on the top of the list. Although I left out Daimos, (all together now, ERRRICCKAAA) it was Voltez V and Gouko from Dragonball Z who carries the flagship of GMA Anime.  Voltez V gave birth to the fascination of kids to Anime. Having been banned from the 1970s because of its theme, the 90s was able to have the show re-introduced and it was a hit. I can still remember singing the opening song with all my heart together with friends even though we do not understand the lyrics. Dragonball Z, has a little more mature content as it cover the violent theme all over the whole series. The main plot, if Gouko wins over some enemy, someone is bound to show up who is even more powerful. I can still remember adults being hooked up with the show. What fascinates me most is that time seemed to be slow in the show. I remember when Gouko and Freeza are having a fight and there would be about 8 minutes left until Planet Nemic is about to blow away but it took then for a month to finish the whole 8 minutes. Dragonball Z and Voltez V created a lot of followers that until now, there are some who are secretly a fan even they are beyond children's age.