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Friday, August 21, 2015

Inside Out

Pixar has been around for too long and in every offering, they do not fail their viewers (except Cars 2). This year, Pixar is back after being missing last year with Inside Out - a stand out film among all movies released this year because of its original story telling compared to all the film adaptations, reboots and sequels that we have for the entire year.

Remember those voices in your heads? Well, Pixar decided to make a movie out of it and what we have are characters who are very familiar to us.

Riley is a girl originally from Minnesota but transferred to San Francisco. Her emotions are the subject of the film, namely, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. Each has their own function which are fairly under developed considering that Riley is still 12. Everyday, a number of memories are collected and stored and when a special memory is generated, it becomes a core memory which holds up the various traits that Riley possesses. When sadness became unpredictable, she came into contact with one of the core memory, who are generally joyful ones, and turned it into a sad one. This created a chaos between Joy and Sadness which resulted to a journey to retrieve and maintain the balance in Riley's psyche.

To say that the film's elements are touching and heartwarming is an understatement. Pixar delivered the most human form of story telling that even a person with a cold heart can relate to the film. The amount of passion is overflowing in this film. Inside Out has all the right moments. The heart warming moments. The sad moments. The realizations.

Inside Out succeeds as a film because they have incorporated human experience, the science behind it and the creativity that only Pixar can possess. The experience is overwhelming as it does not only tickle your mind but to really touch your heart which will make you reassess your past experiences.

There is nothing much to say about voice acting as it was superb. With Amy Poehler and Bill Hader leading the cast, you can never go wrong.

Another strength of the film is Michael Giachinno's musical score. He has been hitting the right notes since the time that he was involved in emotional TV and movie projects like Lost and Up.

Inside Out is instant classic that will not only delight its young viewers but also adults. Prepare for a tissue, you will need it.




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