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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

When Twilight was released in 2008, I have no idea what the film is all about it. It was one of my friends who introduced me to the material that it was about a vampire who fell in love with a mortal. Intrigued, I watched the film and when I left the cinema I felt like that there was nothing special to it. I heard that there is a hype with the material it was based on and was able to borrow the book and I find it hard to swallow the material and was able to read only a few chapters and put it down and was never opened since. The first film was downright disastrous. The 2nd and 3rd were tolerable. The 4th one was okay.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 finishes off the very long and unneccessary Part 1. Bella now wakes up as a vampire, a powerful one. She and Edward now becomes proud parents to Renesme who seemed to be growing fast. This concerns the Cullens especially if word comes out to the Volturi, but fate must be very hard to these vampires that Irina, a relative of the Cullen's reported the incident to the Volturi. This event led to the confrontation that would change the lives of Bella, Edward and their daughter.

I don't want to divulge any spoilers with this review. However, I really find it hard to restrain myself that they change a major event as a cheap attempt to make this finale end with a bang. When the change was finished, we felt dumbfounded and some moviegoers who was watching with me felt that they were cheated out with the emotions that they already invested during the finale. If only they did not retract the change towards the end, it would have been a great finale.

With Breaking Dawn Part 2, I can sense the disconnect between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, could this be a premonition that their relationship is having problems while they are shooting the film? Robert Pattinson gets to be less cheesy with this film while Kristen still is the same actress that she is since Twilight. I guess Kristen has perfected tha art of making each emotion the same all throughout the series. While the main characters failed to make any improvements, the supporting casts, made a great impact and somehow manages to save a bit of the film. Dakota Fanning has only one line in the film but was able to maintain the sinister of her character. 

The CGI didn't help that much with the film. Take a look closer with some of the effects and you will be questioning if they run out of budget to make a really good CGI effects. On the positive side, there has been a great improvement with the cinematography. The soundtrack was also good. Well, thats pretty much it.

I still stand to what I said last year, Breaking Dawn was not supposed to be broken into 2 films. The first part could be compressed in 30 minutes since nothing really happened. In Part 1, one could summarize the whole thing as simple as this: Bella gets married, went to a honeymoon, becomes pregnant, gave birth and becomes a vampire. In Part 2, Bella has a child, trains her ability, fights the Volturi and wins. The End.
Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a film that could be an improvement from its first installment but it is not as epic as it seemed to be. I watched it for closure. I watched it because this is the only bloody film shown here in Manila. I watched it because Dakota Fanning is part of the film. No more no less.




I had my first encounter with James Bond when I was 6 years old with Roger Moore's For Your Eyes Only. My grandfather is an avid fan of the series and thus, I spent most of my weekends with Bond's adventures even though I find it hard to comprehend with the plot. It was the gadgets and the action scenes that made me glued to to the screen. After 50 years and several actors playing the slick agent, the 23rd installment is released.

Skyfall follows the events after Quantom of Solace, where Bond gets over with his marred and scarred life with the loss of loved ones. In Skyfall, he once revisited his past which made him the agent that he is at present. Skyfall starts with Bond's investigation with an attack against an MI6. During the crucial pursuit, M (Judi Dench) made a decision that made everything go upside down as well as the return of a retired agent seeking for revenge against M.

Skyfall is the first Bond film since it reboot with Casino Royale that featured the original Bond insignia where he walks and then shoots directly to the cam, well, you know the gist. It is refreshing to see this and it must be very hard for Daniel Craig to wait for that moment. Basically, Skyfall brings back the basics, the plot, the music and the feel is so Bond-like. Casino Royale features Bond as neophyte in the business thus, the flaws. He is not as slick as the previous film actors, Craig's Bond is scruffle in nature. With Skyfall, he learns from his mistakes and ultimately becomes an agent with a fearless facade.

There were characters who are coming back in Skyfall and hopefully on the succeeding installments. The original Q left the series after Die Another Day after his death and we never get to see him on the 21st and 22nd installment. Now, he is back, shiny and new. There will be deaths which could play an important role in the next films.

Bond is such a delight story-wise that it would engage its viewers and make them reminisce of how good the films were. Skyfall is a reminder that Bond's appeal is still in effect and no one can surpass the greatest agent of all time.