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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Top 5 Cinema Etiquette

There you are, gearing up for the flick you are dying to watch. Your popcorn is all set, whether you hold it tightly on your hand or propped on your seat. You patiently wait. MTRCB's infomercial with John  Estrada comes in. The Opening credits started rolling. Then the dream and anticipation is severely disrupted. No thanks to other moviegoers who suddenly decided that the cinema is their house. You get pissed off. You lose concentration. 

Sounds too familiar? Here are some etiquette that should be observed while watching a movie inside a cinema. 

5. Never kick the seat in front of you.

Isn't it annoying that you can feel the movement of the person behind your back? It happens most of the time. We understand that some of the cinemas have really small leg room but please restrain yourself from tapping it. We would not notice it if we are watching a dance flick, but if not, please just stop. Oh, and placing your foot at the back of the chair can be quite a turn off too.

4. Never engage in a conversation while the movie is rolling.

We know you have family or relationship problems, but the cinema is not the avenue for that. We would like to hear more what the characters are talking about rather than hearing you blabbing about your personal problems. If you want to talk, please go to a coffee shop.

3. Do not eat too loudly.

Chips can be scrumptious but annoying especially if you grind it thoroughly and munch it like there is not tomorrow. Sipping an empty glass of coke can also be distracting. This is a movie house not a pig fest. Try bringing snacks that can be eaten without noise. Also, try not to bring food with very strong aroma. It can actually fill the room with its scent. Besides, who wants to eat sloppy foods inside right?

2. Avoid being the narrator.

So, this is not the first time you see this movie. However, it does not give you any excuse to tell us what happened or even hint us that something is going to happen. Statements like the following should be banned:

"Ayan na! Mamatay na sya!"
"OMG! He is the killer, you know why later"
"Ay, nagpapanggap lang yan!"
"You now the Fibonacci sequence? Well, this code is... Blah blah blah"

Come on! Spare us the details and just let us enjoy the experience. We will ask later when the film is over.

1. Stop or at least minimize using your phone

There is a reason why your phones should be on silent mode. They are quite distracting. When you have the tendency to use your phone, at least lower down the backlight. We can see your wallpaper from the top row and believe me it is not doing good for our eyesight. This is really distracting especially if you are wearing 3D glasses. Glare can be annoying.

Do you have your own cinema horror stories? Share your experiences by commenting below!