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Friday, September 30, 2011

Horrible Bosses/Bridesmaids

Since the success of The Hangover, Hollywood has to come up a comedy that would surpass it. Bridesmaids is the female counterpart of The Hangover, however, it does not dwell on the things that happen on a Bridal Shower rather what most of the brides and bridesmaids worry the most - the preparation. The films focuses on how Kirsten Wieg's character battles for affection and attention from her lifelong friend (Lillian) played by Maya Rodulph, which is usurped by another friend - only richer, more beautiful and sophisticated.

Annie (Kirsten Wieg) is Lillian's friend. Lillian is getting married, Annie is in the dumps - work is unsatisfying, love and relationship is just zero, and what is left is her friend and somebody is trying to steal her. The upstaging of Annie and Megan led to a series of misadventures. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments in the movie, touching ones and even awkward ones. One of the strength of the movie is that it was able to inject humor without losing its essence of friendship. Bridesmaids as a movie is even better than The Hangover II. Though I never approve of toilet humor but this one is an exception.

Horrible bosses, on the other hand, is a star-studded comedy and it does not fail its viewers. It is funny though that most of the villain are the A-listers while the protagonists are B-listers. Horrible bosses, as the title suggests are about... ummm Horrible bosses? Colin Farell, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston are the bosses. Their employees plots a way to get back at them after each of them are given a hard time at work. Kevin Spacey bullies Jason Bateman. Colin Farell is just being a jerk who replaced his father's position right after his death. Jennifer Aniston is the unrealistic "Horrible boss" as she sexually harass Jason Sudeikis.

They hire Motherf** Jones, played by Jamie Foxx to assist them in planning their revenge. The plan however set them into a web of events making it more complicated for them to escape the entanglement. The three protagonists levels with the antagonists and did a good job without irritating the audience. The three heroes are both lovable, on way or another.

There are a lot of comedies right now, and for this season, these 2 are exceptional and should not be missed. I saw it in the comforts of my home but I think the effect is greater in the silver screen.



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Avril Lavigne's Goodbye Lullaby

I fell in love three times - and two of them are my past relationships, the other one, I fell for Avril Lavigne in 2003 when I first set my ears on "Complicated." When I listened with the whole album, I decided to marry her (in my dreams) - that is how powerful the way Avril writes a song. The emotions on "I'm with You" makes it the best ballads ever written by a punk. Avril is a contradiction of the usual pop that once ruled during those times. When Britney was high above her horses and Christina is being trampled on even with her enormous talent. Avril came and decided to trample Britney with real talent. I can still remember her stiff competitors - Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton. I love Branch but she is of different genre and she is more of a "girl next door on crisis" artist while Avril is the rebel. Vanessa Carlton is good but she seemed to be one of the one-hit-wonders who never recovered and released only 2 good songs: Ordinary Day and A Thousand Miles.

Avril's second album lives up with the first and Avril becomes more in-depth with her songwriting with good songs like Nobody's Home and Don't Tell Me. It was the third album which made her a Pop-princess Wannabe when I first seen and heard the song Girlfriend. It destroyed her completely and lost faith on her. It took a long time before she was able to regain my respect and that was when she released her Fourth Album Goodbye Lullaby. It was in this album when she returns to her roots as an artist. The songs written are so sincere and full of passion. Although "What The Hell" is a generic punk song, the other singles that were released are simply better than the other. "Smile" mellows down and probes on a high school crush type song but with subtlety. "Push" is a more personal song but nothing could compare with "Wish You Were Here" which somehow reflects her failed relationship, which is also present in songs like "Goodbye, Everyday Hurts and Not Enough"

This is the classic Avril that us fans are waiting for. I recently seen Avril's new music video for "Wish You Were Here" and you can see that she really poured her heart out which is very effective. Avril is back from the dead and she made sure that she will be enticed once more with her songwriting skills and melody.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

For its title, it may seem a turn off for the usual moviegoer especially that the formula is somewhat strange. How could a Zombie and gay movies be actually turned into a flick? This would also breed an idea that this would turn out to be nuisance film if not given to a handful of good writers and a director as well. However, the cast is the magnetic force that attracts the audience towards this movie.

We have longed for a very good Filipino comedy which was not that evident recently and was last seen in movies like Here Comes the Bride and Ang Tanging Ina (the first movie, the second one kinda suck and the third one was like Shrek 3). The idea is fresh for Zombadings especially that the Philippine Cinema is bombarded with gay-themed indie movies which spefically shows a recurring theme of being misunderstood and hyper-sexuality. Zombadings, on the other hand, also tackles the same theme but also a deeper meaning of homosexuality and how it affects family relationships. Although injected with humor, the movie focused on how a straight man accepts homosexuality. This has been the debate eversince if homosexuality is indeed a choice or a fate that leaves you with no choice at all.

The credit goes to everyone who are involved in this movie. The actors did well in their particular roles. Martin Escudero as Remington provided a very well-versed character especially during the pivotal scene where Remington transforms from being a straight guy to a homosexual. Lauren Young played as Remington's love interest however was usurped by his bestfriend, who in turn likes him too. John Regala returns to the silver screen and was able to get away with his usual "kontrabida" characters he portrays in his previous movies. The supporting cast is exceptional even the cameos are also hilarious. Eugene Domingo steals every scene where she is in and still able to inject humor without effort. Roderick Paulate has been my comedic hero eversince and its refreshing to see him portray one of the genre he is good at.

The movie may have a corny start but regains a very subtle and strong middle and ending with laughs and sweet moments. Some may be disgusted in the other scene but it was delivered with pure art. Do not get turned-off with the title, the whole movie is more than the title itself, and for a Filipino movie, this is one of the films that can be considered a classic


Monday, September 5, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

This may be a delayed blog entry, however, the quality of the film deserves a review from my site. I have seen Crazy Stupid Love, almost 3 weeks ago and I made an entry on my site but failed to be publish. To my astonishment, the whole review was not even saved in my drafts, and i really hate rewriting everything I wrote since most of the thought I write came in spontaneously. Anyway, here it is:

Feet. The movie's intro sums up the whole relationship of Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julliane Moore) through the language of their feet, and yes they are in chaos as compared to those who reside on the other tables. It can be seen on how close their feet are. It is in that night that Emily blurts out that she wants a divorce and that she slept with one of her co-workers (Kevin Bacon). On the other hand, Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) is a certified lady's man. He charms everyone with his smooth talks and his dazzling smile. And while he was in his debonair exploits, he spots Cal who is depressed in a bar, talking to himself. In that moment, Jacob decided to help Cal and turn him into a man he lost along his relationship with Emily.

The movie is beautiful in its simplicity. What is striking in this movie is how realistic are the reactions of its characters dealing with loss of a relationship and how they are trying to cope with it. While Jacob's character presents the fantasy world in which men indulge themselves to have, Cal, on the other hand, presents a reality that long-term relationship usually have.

There are some interesting moments in the film that each viewer that had a failed relationship can relate to. One of which is during the Parent-teacher meeting where Cal and Emily has to see each other and they feel the awkwardness of the situation making them resort to small talks. What impressed me most is how this scene is delivered with passion - that there is no need for exaggeration just to send the message of awkwardness, that a simple avoidance of eye-contact and small talks can tell you that they want to talk but they hesitate. Another powerful scene is when Emily called Cal on the phone pretending that she needed help from him when in fact she only wants to hear his voice not knowing that Cal was just outside the house watching her on her window.

Jacob's character provided realism when he met Hannah (Emma Stone). He was the fantasy of men. He is the perfection that guys would always wanted to have - the sophistication, etc. Jacob shines as a teacher and mentor of Cal. He shines even brighter when he developed his relationship Hannah.

The humor in the film was superbly done. No slapstick humor from Carell but rather the intelligent ones.Crazy Stupid Love may have a lot plots to develop but has never wandered off to its principal core which is love against trials. This is one Romantic-Comedy not to be missed. If you have a chance to watch it in your local cinemas, then do so, if not just wait for the release of the DVD.