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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Metro Manila Film Festival 2012: What to Watch?

Christmas season won't be the same without the annual Metro Manila Film Festival organized by the Metro Manila Development Authority. This year, there is a new line up of new movies and two recurring series of films that has been regulars for this festival. The problem now is what to watch. Now take a look of the contenders for this year's MMFF. Choose wisely. You will never able to get back the money you paid or the time you spent watching a bad film.

El Presidente
- Right after the success of George Estregan Jr.'s epic Asiong Salonga, it seems that in the coming years expect him to make biographies of Philippine's known men in history. This year, his entry is about the 1st President of our country. There has been a lot of MMFF entries about our heroes which bomb in the box office, but how will this one work? The trailer shows a promise of a grand cinematography coupled by a cast that is to be match as Estregan brings together the legends of Philippine Action Cinema. Will this be worthy of one's attention in this year's MMFF? I hope so. Estregan has put up an image that should maintained, and I hope they stick to what they have done with Asiong last year.

One More Try
- One of this years tearjerker has Angel Locsin, Angelica Panganiban, Dingdong Dantes and Zanjoe Marrudo buckle up in one single frame. The story, according to the trailer, has something to do with an old flame being blazed up with an inevitable consequence. With lines like, "Kahit isang gabi lang, pahiram ng asawa mo," is a sure attention grabber for movieviewers to pack up the moviehouse.

Shake, Rattle and Roll 14
- And I would say, NOT AGAIN. Regal must be part of the MMDA but not as advocates for Philippine Cinema but as Environmental Advocates for their efficient recycling of an already tired franchise. Shake, Rattle and Roll has not lived up with its standards during the 90s. I wonder, the return of veteran stars like Herbert Bautista can make any difference with the worn out franchise. However, I am hesitant of wasting my money watching a flick that has tried to make it mainstream just like any Hollywood Horror film but fails miserably.

Si Agimat, Si Enteng at si Ako
- What is MMFF without Enteng or Agimat? For years, this franchise has been one of the greatest money generating entry for MMFF. It is no wonder that MMDA would have them back every year. Enteng and Agimat once paired up 2 years ago. It seems that their individual stories are getting dumbed up that they have to pair up once again and adding another moviestar that may generate even a bigger box office in this year's MMFF - Judy Ann Santos. Judai's fans would surely line up in the cinema, and so would the children who adores the other two heroes but is there anything in their sleeves to make this franchise a bit more interesting other than pairing them up together?

- One of the new entries with fresh concept is Sisteraka. I know we are all tired of Kris playing a character who is afraid or confused, this year, she comes back to MMFF with a film that will surely bring out the "bubbliness." She is joined by AiAi and Vice Ganda in a film by Wenn Deramas. I just hope that Wenn would not be lazy in terms of helming this film, the actors would be such a waste if this film will not be properly executed.

Sossy Problems
- I am no bias but Sossy Problems will be the reigning flop for this year's MMFF. Who wants to watch a film about 4 girls dealing with high class problems? Nuff said.

The Strangers
- this year's second horror entry in the MMFF. I am doubtful if this film will ever make a fraction of what the other films will be able to make. The concept seemed to be tiresome. The trailer seemed to be off and that is not a good sign. I can sense another "Amorosa" in the making.

Thy Womb
- the late entry in this year MMFF is Nora Aunor's award winning film about tradition. To include this one in this year's MMFF seemed to be unfair in both sides. If this film wins almost every single award, I bet, the other contenders will feel like they were cheated since this film has competed internationally. On the other hand, if Thy Womb will not win Best Picture in this year's MMFF, it would put the cast and crew in shame. However, Thy Womb would be the most interesting film entry in this year's MMFF.