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Monday, January 30, 2012

1st Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing Film Awards 2012

Back in college, I am very engrossed with the abstract concept of Psychiatric Nursing. Now that I am a professional, I wished I have ventured in that area, however, I am more equipped with concepts of Medical and Surgical Nursing but then I always have an inkling with Psyche Nursing. January 24, 2012, the Level 3 Nursing Students invited me to be a part of their 1st Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing Film Awards. An event that would not be possible if not for the perseverance of my batch-mate, Ma. Krizia Ledesma. And so, here are the films that took part in this first event.
Angeli Salutares Caeli 2013 with the Level 3 Team. 

Film Number 1: Carnival

Carnival portrays Pediatric Psych Cases which focused more on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Louie Forro provided a very natural performance of a kid suffering the disorder. Although there were lighting issues and shaky camera, they were able to provide a solid story line. Acting-wise, the students were able to give the ample effort that their characters needed.
the students preparing for the movie presentations


Film Number 2: Bella's Body

Bella's Body depicts eating disorders. The students were able to present a very cohesive presentation and a clever injection of the facts on Bulimia and Anorexia. Mr. Lelis was very good in portraying as a fashion manager. Ms. Panadero was graceful throughout the film. Cinematography-wise, it is surprising to see these students who has no background on videography and make such shots by themselves.


Film Number 3: In The Darkness

In the Darkness is somewhat a very sensitive film about Sexual Disorders. Although most of the disorders were presented like Sadism and Masochism, Multiple Sexual Partners, the primary focus was on Fetishism which was depicted without malice. This would be a very hard project to be presented especially that SPUI is a Catholic institution and I would commend the students for succeeding of presenting without malice.

the media guru together with Ms. Krizia Ledesma

Film Number 4: Norma

Norma depicts the deep emotional journey of those who are affected with Schizophrenia. The group presented it as a creepy presentation of what is going on the mind of those who have this disorder. The presentation is eccentric and unconventional that it succeeds to transmit the true message of those who are inflicted by this disorder and I commend on the concept. However, technical problems made this presentation to be a failure since we have to watch the feature with gaps. As a whole, Norma finds a way to become the most artistic feature among others.



  1. excited for the videos. especially the fetish.

  2. hahaha. wait for Mr. Baltazar's ultimate performance heheh