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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Begin Again

 Begin Again. There are no words to describe this film, but I'll try. No film has made me feel good since I first saw Dreamgirls in the comforts of my own bed. It is with great regret when I slammed this film at first when a friend of mine (Paulo) encouraged me to watch this film. I was not even connected with the song "Lost Stars" when he made me hear it. However, when I had a copy, I said, "Why don't I give this film a chance?"

Begin Again follows 2 story arcs: Greta's and Dan's. Greta recently moved in New York to join her boyfriend, Dave (Adam Levine) who is recently signed as an artist. Months later, their relationship bumped into a big rock which practically changed everything for Greta.

Dan, on the other hand, is once a successful producer but falls from grace when his marriage broke up. This is coupled with his frustration on finding the right artist with the right music which makes everything complicated. It was in an unexpected night that he heard Greta singing one of her originals that changed the courses of their lives.

There is a lot of magic happening in this film. Each song is carefully written for the film by its director John Carney, who collaborated with singer and actor Glen Hansard (Once). One of the magic of this film is seen in video below as Greta sang "A Step You Can't Take Back" with Dan's perspective magnificently injected in the scene.

What you just see is just a speck of the magic the movie has to offer. This film is a musician's dream: to create passionate music. Part of that magic was made possible by its endearing cast. Mark Ruffalo never fails to deliver while Kiera is a surprise as she takes the microphone and sang her heart out. Adam Levine, on his first film role, seems natural for his role.

Director John Carney's Begin Again is exceptional, just like his previous film Once. Indeed, for someone to perfect a craft, one should understand, be passionate and love that craft. Carney's  new film is testament to that. Begin Again will leave you smiling up to the end. And as for songwriters and music enthusiasts, we have something to talk about in the next few months or even years to come.



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