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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Christopher Nolan comes back with a movie that seems to defy current trend in Hollywood movies, but did he  deliver? When the trailer for inception went out, it holds a promise to the viewers that this would be different, this would be unique, this would be an inception of a new idea in terms of filmaking. When Nolan was given the chance to make a reboot of the otherwise failed franchise of Batman, everyone is in doubt if he would make the unbelievers of the franchise to be believers that there is indeed hope for Batman to rise again in the darkness, and he did. Now the pressure is on for Nolan as he ventures to another movie that seems to promise that there is hope for a movie industry who happens to have recycled each idea one movie to another.

Inception is a story of Cobb, who happens to be a maven in stealing ideas through the subconscious. Everything went into a topsy turvy when a billionaire offered him something he won't refuse: redemption. It was then he assembled a team to make the mission possible but this time it was not to steal an idea, rather to impose an idea.

The complexity of the story is most likely to be compared with the idea of the Matrix, but deeper. The principle of how deep is the rabbit hole is the very definition of the movie as it explores the depth of the human mind seen in dreams. This is not merely a display of Nolan's ability to make a complex maze and makes its viewers understand the whole complexity of it into a simpler tone. The emotional struggle of the lead was made into existence without even making it so obvious. The spontaneity of the flow of the plot was flawless and like a puzzle, it simply fits.

As a whole, the movie requires the viewer to be ready, both physical and mental. It is imperative that one should eat before watching this to give your mind enough energy to burn as one tries to understand what is going on. A second viewing might also be put into consideration if one would like to fully understand the movie. Prepare 1 unit of Packed RBC to be transfused once epistaxis occurs as you watch the movie. This is one movie that one should never miss. Ever.



  1. i'm gonna watch this mavs. heard great reviews about his film. plus, i love Leo.

  2. hehe... i saw ur hubby watch this movie frend... hehehe