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Friday, October 22, 2010

Piranha 3D

3D movies are so rampant. When a trailer comes out, you will be expecting that the movie will be on its 3D format. When I saw Piranha's first trailer, I was not wrong. Yes, it is in 3d. The fun in watching this movie is that, these horrible creatures are within your grasp.

Piranha is a remake of the classic movie of the same name. I am not familiar with the first one which makes it hard for me to make a comparison. Anyway, the movie's plot concerns the arrival of this meat-eating fishes after a quake rocked the town. Mysteriously, certain number of people disappeared in the middle of the lake where these creatures live. What makes the scenario even more complicated is "Spring Break." Uncontrolled raging hormones played a vital role on the development of the plot. Of course, piranhas can cause a lot of trouble especially if their victims are teenagers who happens to have impaired hearing due to alcohol intoxication.

Chrsistopher Lloyd makes a cameo. It seems to me, he is not over the Dr. Emett Brown character from Back to the Future,and he looks so old.

Visually, Piranha succeeds as a thriller. The scenes where piranha's attacking their subjects are enhanced with 3D. Piranha succeeds as being the 1st 3D soft porn in hollywood. What can you expect during a Spring Break? You know what I mean. Its within reach!

During the whole course of the movie, I feel like I am a kid again. (Considering that there were only 3-5 people inside the cinema) I had the liberation to curse inside the theater without being hushed. I enjoy the characters stupidity. I enjoyed how their bodies separate into two ways. I enjoyed the things I see in 3D (wink, wink).

Piranha 3D is a delight visually, but still it has the generic of a monster thriller. Too bad, I saw the movie on its final run... Lucky for me, Boohoo for you.


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