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Thursday, June 9, 2011

X-Men: First Class

I was back in high school when the first X-Men came out, but even before that, I was a big fan of the series which I was introduced around 1992-1995. Watching the cartoon series is my reward after a week’s work at school. Yes, X-Men is just one of a few which defines my childhood. Seeing the first X-Men movie 10 or more years back is like a boy’s dream come true.

When Brian Singer first made X-Men, it was lacking a lot of action and grounded back story. It was all cluttered in a way that it would not satisfy an X-Men fan’s hunger. However, all things got better in X2. X3 on the other hand is a movie poised to annihilate the series by killing off the most important characters but has greatly improved in terms of special effects and action sequences. X-Men Origins came with Wolverine’s backstory. And now we have First Class.

First Class tackles the life of Charles Xavier and Erik Stromm pre-X-Men era. Their stories were the central plot of the movie and how the X-Men came into being. Although it is public knowledge that Professor X and Magneto are once friends, we have no idea on how they came into their parting ways. However, it may be different from the version coming from the comics and with this one.

There are scenes borrowed from the first movie. Professor X and Magneto has great chemistry in this movie. This is a type of a prequel that is so fun to watch that you don’t want to get to the end of the movie. It made me love the old (new) mutants such as Havok and the screaming mutant which I forget the name. I was very surprised to see Kevin Bacon as the villain because he was not even shown in the trailer. However, he seems bland and not effective as a villain in this movie. Emma Frost has more conviction as a villain and not as an assistant villain.

I am impressed though on how they presented the characters and has provided me more like a refresher course on X-Men 101. The movie also includes several cameo roles from Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Rebecca Romijn as Mystique but we do not see Stan Lee in this one.

While watching the movie, I was wondering if Bryan Singer was the one who directed this movie but then as I wait for the End Credits, it was Matthew Vaughn. If it was Singer, then this could’ve been a redemption movie after the messy X-Men.

For me, this is supposed to be the first movie that should’ve been made before X-Men. This could’ve been a good foundation for a good series or franchise. X-Men First Class is a good reboot and I hope that they continue to do well on the next X-Men movies. This has been very faithful to the characters as well as to the fans.


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