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Friday, September 30, 2011

Horrible Bosses/Bridesmaids

Since the success of The Hangover, Hollywood has to come up a comedy that would surpass it. Bridesmaids is the female counterpart of The Hangover, however, it does not dwell on the things that happen on a Bridal Shower rather what most of the brides and bridesmaids worry the most - the preparation. The films focuses on how Kirsten Wieg's character battles for affection and attention from her lifelong friend (Lillian) played by Maya Rodulph, which is usurped by another friend - only richer, more beautiful and sophisticated.

Annie (Kirsten Wieg) is Lillian's friend. Lillian is getting married, Annie is in the dumps - work is unsatisfying, love and relationship is just zero, and what is left is her friend and somebody is trying to steal her. The upstaging of Annie and Megan led to a series of misadventures. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments in the movie, touching ones and even awkward ones. One of the strength of the movie is that it was able to inject humor without losing its essence of friendship. Bridesmaids as a movie is even better than The Hangover II. Though I never approve of toilet humor but this one is an exception.

Horrible bosses, on the other hand, is a star-studded comedy and it does not fail its viewers. It is funny though that most of the villain are the A-listers while the protagonists are B-listers. Horrible bosses, as the title suggests are about... ummm Horrible bosses? Colin Farell, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston are the bosses. Their employees plots a way to get back at them after each of them are given a hard time at work. Kevin Spacey bullies Jason Bateman. Colin Farell is just being a jerk who replaced his father's position right after his death. Jennifer Aniston is the unrealistic "Horrible boss" as she sexually harass Jason Sudeikis.

They hire Motherf** Jones, played by Jamie Foxx to assist them in planning their revenge. The plan however set them into a web of events making it more complicated for them to escape the entanglement. The three protagonists levels with the antagonists and did a good job without irritating the audience. The three heroes are both lovable, on way or another.

There are a lot of comedies right now, and for this season, these 2 are exceptional and should not be missed. I saw it in the comforts of my home but I think the effect is greater in the silver screen.



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