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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

For its title, it may seem a turn off for the usual moviegoer especially that the formula is somewhat strange. How could a Zombie and gay movies be actually turned into a flick? This would also breed an idea that this would turn out to be nuisance film if not given to a handful of good writers and a director as well. However, the cast is the magnetic force that attracts the audience towards this movie.

We have longed for a very good Filipino comedy which was not that evident recently and was last seen in movies like Here Comes the Bride and Ang Tanging Ina (the first movie, the second one kinda suck and the third one was like Shrek 3). The idea is fresh for Zombadings especially that the Philippine Cinema is bombarded with gay-themed indie movies which spefically shows a recurring theme of being misunderstood and hyper-sexuality. Zombadings, on the other hand, also tackles the same theme but also a deeper meaning of homosexuality and how it affects family relationships. Although injected with humor, the movie focused on how a straight man accepts homosexuality. This has been the debate eversince if homosexuality is indeed a choice or a fate that leaves you with no choice at all.

The credit goes to everyone who are involved in this movie. The actors did well in their particular roles. Martin Escudero as Remington provided a very well-versed character especially during the pivotal scene where Remington transforms from being a straight guy to a homosexual. Lauren Young played as Remington's love interest however was usurped by his bestfriend, who in turn likes him too. John Regala returns to the silver screen and was able to get away with his usual "kontrabida" characters he portrays in his previous movies. The supporting cast is exceptional even the cameos are also hilarious. Eugene Domingo steals every scene where she is in and still able to inject humor without effort. Roderick Paulate has been my comedic hero eversince and its refreshing to see him portray one of the genre he is good at.

The movie may have a corny start but regains a very subtle and strong middle and ending with laughs and sweet moments. Some may be disgusted in the other scene but it was delivered with pure art. Do not get turned-off with the title, the whole movie is more than the title itself, and for a Filipino movie, this is one of the films that can be considered a classic


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