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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Praybeyt Benjamin

Vice Ganda has been an icon since he has invaded the boob tube with his sarcastic remarks. Vice has been considered one of the best stand up comedians the country has ever had. He may be the most successful among those who ventured in showbiz. With 1 successful movie listed in his resume, he is sure to come back for another adventure. Now he is back as Praybeyt (Private) Benjamin in this new comedy by Viva and Star Cinema.

Praybeyt is a movie about a gay man trying to regain his family honor. His ancestors were war heroes dated back during the time of Lapu-Lapu to the revolutions during the Spanish and Japanese invasion. Lolo Benjamin (Grandpa Benjamin) played brilliantly by Eddie Garcia is in need of a successor for the legacy that the Bejamins had for centuries, however, this line is severed when he knew that his only grandson (Vice Ganda) is gay.When the terrorists kidnapped all the generals, Vice had no choice but to join the army and save not only his grandfather but a country torn by war.

Judging by how the movie is made, it is a product of  what they call "pito-pito." (Movies done in a span of 7 days). No new plots were introduced and can be as generic as any movie could get. This modern day MULAN is a disgrace to the Disney classic. The plot is so similar except for some of the subplots. Disney may not be able to sue Star Cinema and Viva since they change the characters but then... With underdeveloped script, this movie is an epic fail. The jokes are even less funny than Petrang Kabayo. It was Vice Ganda's usual antics that saved the movie. His epic comedic timing tried to save what the movie has left. Jimmy Santos is such a sight. To see him back in the silver screen and bringing back the traditional Filipino comedic stints is refreshing. Kean Cipriano and Nikki Valdez's characters are enjoyable to watch.

I have no problem with Vice Ganda's antics, this is his signature as a comedian, however, how long will this trend last? This antic may still be a hit today, but in the next movies that Vice will be having, I hope he will give out something fresh, something new. He is still enjoyable to watch and that makes this movie very bearable.

Wenn Deramas has been regarded as a good director for comedy since the release of Ang Tanging Ina but after the success of the latter, he seemed to be lazier with his succeeding films and fails to deliver a movie with the highest quality. There are some scenes that are shot carelessly (i.e. take a good look at the scene where Andrew Wolfe was shot and was lying dead, you could see him swallow his saliva). How is that for careless editing and direction?

The movie may deliver a lot of laughs. The comedy is the diversion of how bad this movie was. Vice Ganda was the beauty behind the trash of which this movie is made. I blame Wenn Deramas for not properly executing the justice the actors deserve to have. There are a lot of potential for the characters, the director just don't know where to start with. With this I am compelled to make a grade separate from the movie and the actors who has done their part well.

Movie: D-
Actors: B


  1. yes, especially ang bata nya na version. pangit mag act.