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Monday, February 20, 2012

Unofficially Yours

File:UNOfficiallyYoursPoster.pngI have always been searching for a great plot in Philippine Cinema. There has been a number of movies which amazes me for the past 10 years and seldom they were recognized to be good. Either because they lack the "hatak" factor or they lack publicity because good movies with great stories are often made by those who does not enough money to produce it. Star Cinema has been around for years and they do have great movies. Nasaan Ka Man was one of them. It starred Claudine Baretto and Jericho Rosales. Then there was the first Tanging Ina and A Love Story which has really superb plot of a man torn between between his young, gorgeous wife and a middle aged woman as his mistress. This Valentine's Day, Star Cinema offers another movie, which they usually do, for those who wants to feel the "kilig" feeling, whether you are single or not.

John Lloyd Cruz is now paired up with Angel Locsin - a first movie tandem. They were a successful pair during last year's run of Imortal and now they face different roles which they had in that series. This time, they play Marky and Ces, both are injured beings and recuperating from previous relationship. They have seen each other once and engaged to "NSA" relationship but then fate brought them back together and ended up in an uncommitted relationship.

This has been a very sensitive plot for the movie since it covers casual sex which is really against Filipino values, however, with an open mind, this would serve a rather big eye-opener for those who engages in such activity. I commend how they presented the situation and how they were portrayed. It is not offensive as everyone may think about before watching the movie, instead, it is light-hearted and even surpasses expectations.

Angel Locsin plays a very effective character who does not believe in love and merely looks after the perks of being in a relationship. She dazzles in the screen and was very effective in humorous scenes. John Lloyd Cruz still has the innocent and boyish persona which makes him lovable in the entire film. There was a right amount of humor and depth when the situation calls it. There were no obvious commercialization in the film which made this one a movie that did made me very happy. I guess the story and the actors themselves are far enough for the movie to make money.

I really love a lot of scenes in the movie but I really like the part when Angel was singing to JLC - that was the kilig moment.

Unofficially Yours may still be running for another 2 weeks in your local Cinema, grab the chance to watch it. It is not your typical love story.



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