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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Healing

Chito Rono has been around the horror movie scene for years perfecting each craft after each movie that he makes. It was back in 2003 when he directed the flick which reopened the doors to the fading genre in Filipino Cinema. This year, Chito Rono comes back to the genre he is very familiar with. After T2's success, Rono is yet to prove that he is indeed a master of horror/suspense in Pinoy movies.

The Healing follows the story of Seth (Vilma Santos) who helped her friends overcome various health problems with the aid of a "faith healer." Unknowingly, a curse follows the healing which eventually met the demise of those who were healed by the healer. Ding (Chris Villanueva) is a policeman who has psoriasis, Greta (Ynez Veneracion) is a housewife who has a lump on her breast, Alma (Pokwang) is a medical technologist who suffers from foot gangrene secondary to diabetes mellitus (I sounded like a nurse), Kakay (Abby Bautista) is in danger of completely losing her eyesight and Cookie (Kim Chui) has Acute Glumerolunephritis are the characters who each played a very important role in the plot's development.

The Healing succeeds in redefining horror movies in Filipino Cinema. While the past films never take the risk of showing their gory side, The Healing dares to show and take that risk. The film also managed to play with colors as these represent the mood as the plot develops from introduction to the rising of the conflict up to the resolution. I commend the use of this technique, however, it is more wise to use it more with subtlety rather than making the significance of such technique too obvious. The supporting casts also displayed an exemplary performances especially Pokwang who once again prove that she is not just a comedic actress but an actress. Janice De Belen returns to the genre which made her more famous in the 80s and she is refreshing to see her back as the mother of Kakay.

Though the film succeeds in making the viewers squirm from the gory scenes, it suffered heavily in poor character development. The actors may have equal frame exposure, but still, it is how the characters develop which is deemed to be more important than exposure itself. I have issues with medical accuracy especially with Kim's character who has AGN. I suggest that in the next movies to come, a more thorough research may suffice with this mistake.

The Healing also happens to be Vilma Santos' 50th Anniversary Presentation and she has displayed once again that she is indeed the Star for All Seasons.

Kudos to Chito Rono and the rest of the cast for bringing another film that would surely haunt Filipino viewers. The question is: How will this movie affect faith healers? Will this movie make an impact? The Healing is one horror film that should be seen my movie fans, Vilmanians or not.





  1. It seems like a good movie. Vilma has always selected good movies to make especially now that she does one every after a few years.

  2. This is an interesting movie with all the prestigious stars in it plus it's directed by Chito Rono. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Another movie to watch. Vilma Santos still look beautiful after all these years.

  4. 'm not a fan of pinoy horror movies. But maybe, I could watch this if my friends will tag me along. :)

  5. This could be good movie because it is directed by Chito Roño. :)

  6. The plot seems to be a good one. I am now more critical on what the Phil. movie and series are depicting on their shows. It just seem that it still a long way in terms of researching.

  7. I wonder who played the role of the faith healer? I'd liek to watch this in the movie house para maraming taong kasabay na sisigaw

  8. I watched this movie and yes the script is tight and the storyline great. I enjoyed it.

  9. A friend of mine invited me to watch this as well. I am really not a fan of local movies. Sometimes, I feel like watching local movies in the cinema is waste of money but it depends though. There are local movies that i badly want to watch in the cinema. :)


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