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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Amorosa: The Revenge

Skylight films can be considered to be a newbie in the industry but after delivering a very impressive Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang back in March of this year, I was encouraged to see their new horror film which stars Angel Aquino. Skylight Films is considered to be an Indie Film Strip backed by ABS-CBN Films. Expectations are high, after all, The Road set a bar on the quality of Philippine Horror Films, but will they be able to meet or at least catch up with Yam Laranas' masterpiece?

Amorosa follows the story of Rosa (Aquino) who suffers Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after a car accident that happened between her and her family. The death of her husband left her to take care of her 2 children portrayed by Enrique Gil and Martin del Rosario. With nearing bankruptcy, they opted to go to Tagaytay to be the innkeepers of of their grandmother's business. Unknowingly, there are mysteries that covers the place when unexplained murders of rapists surfaced.

Though the plot is simple, the film ha been screaming, "YOU ARE WATCHING A HORROR MOVIE." The film is more of a compilation of all scenes that suggest that we are indeed watching a horror movie: self-opening doors, unexpected power interruptions, gardeners telling you about the ghost that haunts your house, flashbacks, groaning ghosts, etc. There were a lot of inconsistencies with the execution of the film. Minor mistakes are so noticeable. While Fur Elise is their anthem for eeriness, people who are familiar with how it is played will be laughing over how the actors played in on screen, I smirked.The script is also faulty with lots of cracks in between that instead of setting the mood for the film, it steers on the comedic side.

Solid performances from the whole cast but it was the writing that made the film unbearable to watch. Although Topel Lee is an established director, he was a bit rusty with this film. The film has a lot of potential, but even though the actors did their part well, the writing must be at par or even better.



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