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Monday, January 21, 2013

Life of Pi

Ang Lee has been around for years and he has chosen his movies well. (except for The Hulk). It has been expected of him to make really good movies after his worldwide phenomenon better known as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. His latest offering is nothing short of amazing as he delivers one of the best known books that are considered to be at par with The Alchemist.

Life of Pi follows the story of Pi as he struggles his way to Canada after the shripwreck with a tiger as his companion. Plots like this are not very inviting to some moviegoers but what is special with this film is the story itself, not the superficial plot that one has to see in trailers. Life of Pi touches the most sensitive topic which is religion. Though it may not seem to be that evident at first, you will know that this would be one of the most important films of the year as it tackles a topic that is somehow considered taboo in Hollywood. 

Life of Pi may seem a bit familiar to most of the moviegoers who has seen Cast Away. While Cast Away tackles how a man could survive a tragedy, Pi's story us more personal as he struggles in faith. What is more surprising is how Lee transforms this movie into a visual journey without making the story beneath it. As Pi, struggles to his survival, we are also transported into his own spiritual journey.

Several questions were raised as the film ended. Questions like, which story would you prefer? Which is more appealing? How would we face reality? How did Pi found God in his experience? This is one strength of a film. How to make its viewers think even after the show, how each moviegoer would see the entirety of the film and sees it for the message it wants to convey rather than the display it was able to portray. 

The deep connection of characters in the film is what makes this different from all the rest. Life of PI should be seen years from now and see how it has changed the lives of those who have seen it. Though it may have imprinted a small fragment or changes in how we view life, the mere fact that it has shown us that even at the most impossible times, there is someone out there who still is present looking down, never to have left us.



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