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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Godzilla (2014)

It's been 15 years since Roland Emmerich released the first American version of the Japanese legend and that didn't go well. It was so bad the Japanese disowned that version. The atrocity of that film made us believe that the great lizard will never make it in Hollywood. Not until Warner Bros. decided to have a reboot, but will it give justice?

It all started during the nuclear tests in 1954 when a huge spike was seen as the bomb detonates. Flash forward to 1999 when a group of Japanese went to the Philippines to discover to large eggs, one of them hatched and has escaped to the sea. At that moment, tremors occurred in Japan that caused a nuclear meltdown. Years later, the trouble begins. And no, trouble is not spelled Godzilla.

Bryan Cranston plays Joe Brody. Fresh from the recent series finale of Breaking Bad, delivered his character well. Ken Watanabe and Sarah Silverman plays the scientist who discovered the existence of giant monster and Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays the main protagonist as Cranston's son who serves the military.

When Joe Brody (Cranston) was arrested in Japan, Ford (Taylor-Johnson) has to get his father out of jail, only to be tangled on a web of military secrets and something bigger.

We are actually cooking meth. Oops! Wrong show.

The film strength is its supporting characters delivered effectively by its powerful cast. While Cranston is the gem of the film, he had limited exposure but the script served him right. Ken Watanabe and Sarah Silverman are both in background but makes sure that there time is worth each frame. What is disappointing is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, better known as Kick Ass from the Kick Ass films. It seemed that he is not driven by the character that his character is laid flat.

I have this face all through out the film

But the star of the show is Godzilla and his glory is justified and revived. Godzilla is the king and this movie just prove it what he is made of. The battle scene between Godzilla and the other 2 monster is just epic in proportions. While we see less of the lizard but you will be in awe watching it move and do its magic.

Godzilla is a successful revival of the garbage that Roland Emmerich made in 1999. This will not be the last time you will see him.



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  1. Seriously, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Kick Ass and Quicksilver?

    I also agree that he's too lame in the film. To think that they took pride of his intensive military training for etiquette prior to the film, I didnt feel anything outstanding with him. His role with the warhead (the HALO jump) also feels detached to his role in the first few parts of the film. All I felt from him was first, he wants to save his ass, second, but since he has no choice as he became unconscious un the train scene, he'll just do it. I felt bad for Joe Brody as if he died without his son realizing that all Brody did is to justify the demise of his family (which I think the Breaking Bad actor has not really gotten over yet since the finale).

    But overall, Godzilla really dwelt on plot development with clear explanation on how each character has developed. It has tackled the science of the extraprdinary creatures more than the usual omnipotence of the human protagonist. It stayed true to its title character (which appeared after 55 minutes of the film)

    Forgive me for giving a review in the Comments area. I have never been obsessed with someone until Bryan Cranston came along.