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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Edge of Tomorrow

When I saw the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow, it felt like a rip off of another film that similarly tackle the same plot - Jake Gyllenhall's Source Code. What makes this film different is Tom Cruise. While he has enjoyed success from his previous films such as Jack Reacher and Oblivion, there is a cause for hesitancy from the viewing public if The Edge of Tomorrow would be worth watching. But, is it?

Based from the Manga in Japan entitled All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, the film follows Major Cage (Cruise), a US military officer summoned in London to join the battle against the Mimics who controlled most of Europe. Cage refused which caused him to be stripped off his title. He wakes up in the morning ready for battle. On the day of battle, they were practically wiped out by the Mimics. When Cage died, he woke up on the same day he was assigned as a Private. The time loop continues and so the great story unfolds.

Doug Liman directs this CGI-heavy flick with grace as he did with the first 3 Bourne Films. Liman was able to balance the action packed scenes with a smart script and great character development. None of the scenes felt rushed to tell the story, rather it takes its time to reach with the character's issue which eventually led them to the climax of the movie.

I'm the Full Metal Bitch, bitch!
I enjoyed the time loop as much as I enjoyed the sequences from Back to the Future series. The film's time loop may feel like yo are playing a videogame and that your character has unlimited lives. The downside is, you will have to repeat everything once you die and that is practically like Flappy Bird but with an end. 

Tom Cruise performance and caliber feels like his character in War of the Worlds, scared and unsure. This is one of the films where you get to see Tom Cruise in an action movie where he is not the usual Tom Cruise that we see in his previous films. Emily Blunt proves that she can live up the name of Full Metal Bitch/Rita and become a love interest to Cage and a kick-ass Soldier.

Let's park this thing here.

There is something special with the roster of action films this summer. They have solid script and engaging plots. One of my best reviewed films are in the action genre like Godzilla and X-Men, while some disappoint just a little bit (looking at you Spiderman). The Edge of Tomorrow is not new but how it was executed is worth every penny you pay at the box office.



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  1. I can say, Emily Blunt is amazing..
    For Tom Cruise, I realy the way he talks or narates.. smooth talker.