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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Heaven is for Real

There has been so many inspirational films but few has garnered attention from the viewing public. Passion of Christ is an exception to this phenomena. Films like Son of God never had that same attention as the latter. These films thrived on direct-to-video instead and while films like Facing The Giants and Fireproof does not even catch most of the viewer's attention.

Heaven is for Real is based on the book by Todd Burpo, a minister in Nebraska. The story follows the events that took place when his son Colton had a divine experience following his fatal complicated appendicitis. Colton was able to travel to heaven and back. With this, faiths are strengthened and some came into confusion as the community tries to see the reason behind and find its true meaning in their everyday lives.

The film is a simple reminder of our faith and that basic question: "Would you believe if someone tells you he has been to heaven?"

Human nature tells us to be suspicious. In the film, it shows how faith can be shattered and be replaced by doubt and suspicion even if the events that occurred are divine in nature. This is true not only to the community but within the family of Todd Burpo. There is a struggle within Todd's wife, however, a certain event reaffirms her faith.

The plot is formulaic yet very inspiring. The scenes that involved Colton and Jesus made me feel envious. Seriously. 

Heaven is for Real is not a great movie but not a bad one. One thing I can complain about is that most of the important scenes are seen in the trailer. On the other hand, the message was clear, it is seen on its title.



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