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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Big Hero 6

Soaring high is another Disney film. Fresh from the unexpected success of Frozen, Disney embarks into something different. This year, we are not faced with another princess but with a band of nerds who turned to superheroes in a merged San Francisco and Tokyo environment.

Hiro is a skilled inventor. While his talents are astonishing, Hiro uses it to win underground robot fights. His brother, on the other hand, is enrolled on a robotics institute and encourages him to join them to hone his skills in a more productive way. Hiro went on to persevere to join the school and did not fail.

I would not go on and give a further synopsis of the film so as not to spoil you, my dear readers. This being said, the film offers more than fun than it has shown in its trailer.

Based on Marvel characters, one would never expect that this film would be filled with so much heart. The characters are well motivated, specifically Hiro and Dr. Callaghan. Humor in the film did not fail as well. Baymax may become a household name after this film and may spawn a number of merchandise.

I have a soft spot with robots. Especially those who seemed to have human characteristics, just like David from Steven Spielberg's AI and Robin William's Andrew from Bicentennial Man. Baymax may not be as diverse as the previous robots I mentioned but the heart is there. Baymax is primarily a robot programmed to heal and take care those who are in need of medical assistance. This is a good move, story-wise. This gives the robot a touch of humanity. With this, how can we resist a robot that has that aspect.

Big Hero 6 is a masterpiece which affects both the emotion and the kid inside of every moviegoer. It was not since Meet the Robinsons that I found a film so full of heart. With Big Hero 6, Disney is indeed on its second renaissance.

In the end, I can say, "I am satisfied with my care" or in this case, with the movie.



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