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Friday, May 15, 2015

Pitch Perfect 2

It took them 3 years to finally release the sequel for the sleeper hit Pitch Perfect and was it worth the time?

When I first saw the first film, it was one of funniest and most enjoyable an hour and a half I spent in a movie theater. Hence, the expectation for the sequel is beyond what I imagined. Pitch Perfect set the bar and with it sequel, I am hoping to have the same fun as I had with the first one or even more.

Becca (Anna Kendrick) is in her last year in college and with the Barden Bellas who are now 3-time Collegiate Acapella champions. And just like the first film, a mishap made their group suspended from competing on succeeding contests. With this, they opted to join the World Championship for Acapella groups to redeem themselves. As they pursue their goal, they lost what they once have - the Barden Bella sound and it is up to them to regain it.

Elizabeth Banks takes the director's chair from Jason Moore for the sequel. There has been difficulty for Bank's to find the movie's footing on the first and second half of the film but ultimately was able to get it right on the last half.

Most of the goods are delivered by Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and outshines Kendrick's character at some point in the film. Skylar Austin's character are completely placed on the sides while Benji, his roomie, was at his highest point. The good thing about the first film is there is balance with all the characters and was given time to shine which the sequel lacked tremendously.

The song choices are a bit problematic at some parts but the Riff Off is still the most enjoyable part of the film other than the finale itself.

There is so much going on with Pitch Perfect 2 but somehow the film feels like Glee's Season 3 or 4. Which is a bad thing. When I first saw the first film, I was overwhelmed and wanted more. For the sequel, I still wanted more of it to appease what was lacking on the first half of the film. Nevertheless, Pitch Perfect 2 may not hit all the notes but when they hit it, it was the right one.




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