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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Eddie Redmayne as The Danish Girl

Fresh from his recent win at the Oscars for portraying Stephen Hawking, Eddie Redmayne returns to the silver screen as Lili Elbi who is known to be one of the first male transgender to undergo sexual reassignment.

Looking at the trailer (which can be seen below), the film is going to be epic in dramatic proportions and can land Redmayne and its director Tom Hooper a nomination nod for Oscars 2016.

Eddie Redmayne who is known with his characters portrayed in Les Miserables as Marius and my favorite - as Colin Clarke in the autobiographical film, My Week with Marilyn, is about to make waves as a transgender turned transexual (were my terms right?)

I am looking forward in seeing this film and basing from the trailer, it will not fail us.

Are you also excited with the film? Let me know on the comments section.


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  2. I saw the film and I loved Eddie's performance as well as Alicia's. An interesting story about one of the first successful transsexuals in history. Period films are the best! It gives us that glimpse in time when homosexuality, transsexuality, bisexuality and other "common terms" that were considered a taboo or even a serious illness in the past, and how people struggled with their identity then.

    Also, this is a bit weird that I have stumbled upon your site again, Mavsters. I was cleaning up my online dirt (past blogs and unused accounts). Funny how you kept "The Ilongga" there on your menu. LOL! Miss you and see you soon :P