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Friday, June 18, 2010

Karate Kid kicks some ass

I could not make any comparison with the old one since I haven't seen the previous version before watching this one even though HBO made a lot of efforts rerunning the movie for the nth time, I simply don't have the time. I know, I am not up-to-date at this moment - I have been busy (?). I was in Davao when this movie was released in cinemas and decided that I go watch this here in Iloilo instead since I allotted my time mostly for sight-seeings.

When Smith was casted as the new Karate Kid, I found it risky since the original one is white. Fans may be outraged with this change, but come on, we have to give this kid a chance, he was good in The Pursuit of Happyness, right? Smith is the son of one of Hollywood's finest actors, Will Smith, and it seems that he had inherited his father's quirkiness. Jaden Smith is a fresh actor and delivers well in any emotion he is required. His comic timing is just right, I was even surprised that he can cry. He is one of the bankable child star of his time, although no one can top Dakota Fanning. 

Jackie Chan is a revelation in this movie. He does not do so much of a comic. In this movie, he is an actor. This movie liberates Jackie Chan from his usual type of movies and he becomes a deep actor with prowess in which he can boast of. I like him in this movie. He is not too light and not too heavy, he is "human" in this one. He is flawed and therefore human.

What makes this movie so good is its ability to make yourself be involved with it. It makes you care with the characters in it. From the time Dre and his mother went to China, the bullying of his classmates, the affection he developed with one of the Chinese kids and until the training. The movie deserves its 2 hour run for a "zero-to-hero" type of movie. It allowed character development. 

The movie can stand on its own feet. It has its own magic. It has its own message to be delivered.


note: Michelle Yeoh is the uncredited actress portraying the scene with the woman with the cobra... nice right?

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