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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Of Knights and Ogres

Okay, I may have missed some blogs but here it is. First things first. After being alone for quite some time now, I have sought refuge in my once considered lair - the cinema, and without hesitation, I watched alone and decided to view Shrek Forever After.

When Shrek was released back in the early 2000, it made a very big hit because of its ingenious plot of using various cartoon and fairy tale characters and made them in perfect synch. When Shrek 2 went out, it was phenomenal. The story, the characters, the humor and the music. I was quite overwhelmed with the film that I watched it countless times. It was in Shrek the Third when fairytale land came crashing by. That movie was a disaster. Less humor, less appealing music, same old and angry ogre.Just like in Shrek 4, Shrek becomes tiresome of the usual day to day activities leading him to ultimately take destiny and fate within his very big ogre hands... and so am I. There was nothing new with the material, well, except of course, the Piper. That and nothing else. Watching it in 3D also kinda helped the movie uplift somehow but if you are talking about the over-all impact of the movie... Naaah... Its a good thing they ended the series. If they try to reboot it, then have Andrew Adamson back as the director.

On other stories, moments ago, I just finished viewing Robin Hood after 2 weeks of waiting. I was really hoping that it will be released the same time as in Manila. And so, with childish eagerness, I sped up to Robinsons and watched Robin Hood. The films started and after 1 hour, it seems that there is nothing going on. Its like a history lesson gone wrong with a bad teacher and considering that Ridley Scott directs the film, the one that I adore when he made Hannibal and Gladiator, i was expecting more. I was expecting blood and gore in the movie but i was disappointed. The blood was not even convincing, it's more like a ketchup diluted with too much water. Anyway, when Robin Hood was announced by King John that he was indeed an outlaw, the film ended. What???!! This is all I am having? I need more. I need more of Robin Hood. This is just an epilogue of some kind? You could have jammed it up in just 30 minutes. Crap. This movie made Walt Disney's version more pleasurable to watch with men in my age.

Oh, I saw Prince of Persia last week too and I decided not to make a lengthy review, its not worth the spaces of my page.

Shrek 4: C+
Robin Hood: C
Prince of Persia: D

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