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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Revisited

Giga Fries. Check. Large Soda. Check. 1 bucket of Popcorn. Check. I guess I have everything I need. I had been waiting for 8 months since the release of Half Blood Prince has been delayed November of last year. I am breathless. I am full of anticipation. Before I went to see the movie, critics had been praising this 6th Installment of the Harry Potter Franchise and I am full of envy that they have to see it before I do. I remember when I first purchased the book way back 2005, I was first in line. I was there before the mall opened. No need to guess that I am indeed a Harry Potter Fanatic a.k.a Potter Geek! And proud!
The movie follows Harry’s 6th year at Hogwarts, and in this year the mystery behind Voldemort a.k.a. Tom Riddle a.k.a. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s past is discovered. However, the flashbacks were entirely insufficient. The Gaunt’s were not included, Voldemort’s meeting with Hufflepuff’s descendant, the fetching of Dumbledore at the Dursleys and why Snape called himself as the Half-Blood Prince,etc. Added material were included like the lady in the cafe, etc.
One that called my attention is the improvement on cinematography. It was like Cuaron is there. How the camera works is Cuaron’s signature. Various areas of Hogwarts present in the previous 5 movies were revisited such as Professor Sprout’s Greenhouse in Chamber of Secret. Colombus’ ceiling at the Great Hall is replicated once again in this movie. However, the flow of the movie is flawless and I couldn’t help myself to think that the finale is coming. I don’t want the movie to finish… yet.
Hormones are very high in this movie. Students seduce each other, kissing in the halls, in the bar and at the Room of Requirements, just like in the book. The lead actors aged a lot, particularly Emma watson. Daniel Radcliffe remain as stiff as he was in the previous movies and filled harry’s character with blank stares. The supporting cast did remarkably well. This includes Helena Bonham Carter’s deranged Bellatrix, Alan Rickman’s sinister Snape, Maggie Smith’s Professor MacGonagall but most the most notable performance are Jim Broadbent’s Horace Slughorn and finally, a calmer and poised Dumbledore portrayed by Michael Gambon.
The finale, which is the death of Dumbledore which spanned from the Battle at the Cave to the top of the Astronomy tower, Gambon’s Dumbledore feels so human, so fatherlike that his death feels like you have lost your own father. A drop of tear or two commenced as I realized how great his love for Harry and for the entire school was realized. This has been a definite Potter movie to keep. It makes me look forward to its end on 2010 and 2011 which is not a very far future at all. This 6th installment turned the Potter series an epic to watch and helped David Yates go back on his feet after the disappointing Order of the Phoenix. I can say, David Yates, you may proceed to direct Deathly Hallows as long as Screenwriter Steve Kloves is with you.
By far, the best Harry Potter film following Prisoner of Azkaban just right behind it.

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