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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Top 5 Children's Movies (live action)

We were once kids and  they are certain movies that makes us go wild, that we would want to see everyday even our parents are wondering how we can watch the same thing everyday. I have my own set of movies that I find very entertaining. Last week, I watch some of the movies that made my childhood enjoying. Here is my list of my Top 5 Children's movies:

5. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
- This could be one of the movies that can really form a child's values. Though it imposes that bad happens to a bad kid, it is actually effective. A remake was made in 2005, and although, it was a big improvement in terms of the effects and its faithfulness to the book, it failed to impart the core values that film was supposed to impart with its viewers. Willie Wonka is the movie for kids and a simple remind to adults that we have to be good unless we want to end up swollen and blue like Violet.

4. Matilda
- The second Roald Dahl adaptation is a story about a young girl who happens to have telekinetic powers. One of the strength of this film is that it plays in one of the universal fantasy of children: mind control. How can we forget Principal Trunchbull? Or the time Matilda tried to retrieve the Liccy Doll? These are great scenes from the film.

3. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
- A disney live action film about the misadventures of four different kids in their own backyard. When Wayne Szalinski is trying to invent a shrinking machine, he never anticipated that his kids would be the guinea pigs to a very successful experiment when they were accidentally shrunk after the machine receive a contraption from a baseball. As a kid, I remember this film to be my afternoon delight, while everyone is busy playing outside, I am at home watching this flick. Memorable scene: The giant cookie! And when the baby ant got killed by a scorpion....

2. Home Alone
- Christmas will not be complete without watching this flick. The movie that launched the career of Macaulay Culkin is a prized gem and should not be missed by any kid there is. When Kevin (Culkin) was left in their house alone all hell breaks loose, especially if there are burglar lurking around trying to steal his Christmas Spirit. Watching this film is just pure bliss. Even when I am 26 or even older, this film will never fail to make me feel the child in me.

1. Wizard of Oz
- When The Wizard of Oz came out in 1939, it bombed the box office. Very few cared about the film that would be a classic, an inspiration for all children's book adaptations. Based from L. Frank Baum's beloved Oz books, the Wizard of Oz is one of the best children's films that was ever shown in the silver screen. Aside from its success (which was achieved in its re-releases), the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow reigned supreme among all movie soundtracks, even besting Titanic's My Heart Will Go On. Who could ever forget The Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and Toto too. Up until now, the magic of The Wizard of Oz is still imminent among children and the child at heart, always reminding us, "There's No Place Like Home"


  1. Nice list. I wonder if kids nowadays will still appreciate those films.

  2. i'd bet they would appreciate if bieber, miley and ben 10 are non-existent.. hehe

  3. these are all great movies but still needs parental guidance for correct processing since some scenes are scary ;)

  4. I love Matilda and Willy Wonka. I really love them until now. If ever I could see a DVD copy of those I'd buy them for sure.

  5. i can only remember the movie "honey i shrunk the kids" out of all of the movies you mentioned.
    i should download them :)

  6. Home Alone is still the best Kid's movie for me.