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Friday, May 4, 2012


Based on the game you have played but somehow forgotten the name, Battleship tells a story of hope, friendship and brotherhood. It was not until recently that I know about the game, however, the title rings a bell. This is just one of Hasbro's gem aside from The Transformers which gathered a lot of millions for the company. Battleship will now raise its anchors and see if the ship will set it sails to a very calm sea.

Battleship follows the story of the Hopper Brothers in which both of them are part of the Navy. The other brother however, is a nuisance. The whole story started when a signal was sent to outer space. The communication was not a failure when intergalactic ships were summoned to earth disrupting a naval exercise where the Hopper Brothers (Alex and Stone) were in. Stone died during the encounter and everything was left in Alex's shoulder to lead the ship against the invaders.

This would be a typical story however, it was the theme of hopelessness that made this movie attract the viewer's attention. There was no in-depth characterization in the film. We did not know what the aliens want. We did not know what happened to them in their own planet that they have to conquer ours. What we know is that we are rooting for the men and women who were their in the battlefield trying to ensure our survival.

The visuals are outstanding. The ships are impressive and made sure that our jaws are wide open for its awesomeness. This would be a perfect eye candy but there is nothing special with this movie. If you are a Rihanna fan, she did not steal the show. She was merely there to attract more viewers. She did not kick some ass in the film. She is just there.

One thing: you want to enjoy an action film, then definitely you should see Battleship, but if you are the type who wants to have an explanation in every events in the film then this would definitely not for you.



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