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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Drunk

They say love is mysterious. It comes in different ways, even the unconventional ones. As I watch the video presentations of Mayad Studios, I came across a very unusual love story. The couple met in a very unusual way. If some couples were matched in a party or even on blind dates, this one would put a shame on the most romantic movies, for the boy met the girl of his dreams while he was riding down an escalator. Yes, you read it right, an escalator. The time he saw the girl, there is this some cosmic force which drew him to her. After six years, he proposed on the same escalator where he met her. How lovely.

I never believe in such love stories. Those stories only happen in movies. Those are just fantasies made by hopeless romantics just to satisfy their hunger for true romance. But then fate plays a game on me and made eat my words. I never believe in hurried romances. I don't believe that sparks flew in midair in just hours of intense conversation, but in my case, it did, and to make it more specific, 6 hours. It all started with a very deep conversation and unknowingly, the gentle touch sparked into a kiss and then cupid banged my head so hard it reached the depths of my heart. 22 months later, we are still here. The first few months was a struggle and I have to shed a lot of tears but then it was worth it.

I realized that in a span of 22 months, I have grown an equivalent of 10 years in terms of maturity. I never experienced having my pride to be so low I forgot about it. That when we had a fight, even if it was not my fault, I would put myself (my pride) down. I never realized that I can be unselfish. That I can give almost everything for the person. I even surprised myself.

People would tell, don't give everything, leave some for yourself. I also give advises that is similar to the latter but when it is given to you, and you are completely "love drunk," your world becomes entirely yours and become deaf and blinded of everything else which is both good and bad. I realized that there must be a balance in everything especially in relationships.

We broke up a lot of times and got back after 2 hours of being apart. The longest was 2 days. I realized that "When the heart breaks, it don't break even." One turns out to be miserable and the other simply does not react to the situation but in that span of time, I learned to adapt.

Happiness is indeed a choice. Do not regret for whatever you give to a person. Do not think that you should have deserved better. Maybe the other person needed it more than you do.

This is not an advise column. It is more of an outlet. I know some of you can relate with this. We all have loved someone and has given all our best to show them the affection. Some of us got hurt but then, we were a better person, we were a better lover.

Love is so deep that even though we feel it, we still look for its defining nature. The search for it continues to be pursued but then love is love. Love is a journey that both couples should embark and can never find its true meaning if one is left behind. I am still in this journey and I am loving it.

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