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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts of An Undecided Voter

It is barely 2 weeks from now and it is Election Day. I know, what is the fuss with this day? Everyone knows that the possibility of this election being rigged is very high, but of course, everyone has to be in a bandwagon. The choices are endless and the names become more and more unfamiliar. The list of senators is even more confusing than before. The most popular ones seem to have backed off and have given the “unpopular” ones to at least a taste of how dirty politics would feel like. Well, Revilla is still there, so is Drilon, Santiago, and… Wait I have to gasp for air: Laaahpid. Ok, Lapid.
But then, the main show goes to the Presidential Race. Who among these contenders deserve my vote? Let us try to investigate.

Jamby Madrigal – I was so shocked that she ran for president. Having been the “pasang-awa” in the senatorial race, this gal has still the guts to run and hope to win. It really seems idiotic that though you have full knowledge that people might not vote for you, one still has to run. And for Madrigal’s case, come on, you have lots of money, but it is not a good way to spend it. If you are going for the poker, always make sure you would win. This goes to the independent ones too. I don’t want to be negative to this candidates, but it is such a waste of time and money to run. Invest first in making yourselves known to the people, and that would take a long time to do it. But then, the efforts will always be rewarding at the end.

Dick Gordon – He was in disaster areas during Christmas, led Subic very well, and a Red Crosser. Well, he has pretty done much of a work, but I wouldn’t want a president with a short temper and is not shy to show it national television. So, crossed out.

Eddie Villanueva – for the second time around, he was destined to be the “ONE.” Like Keannu Reeves in the Matrix. Wake up Bro. Eddie, this is the real world. People don’t get Matrix-y so easily. I believe in his stand on the government, and he has every intention to do good because he is answerable to the Big Guy upstairs and when he screws up, he’ll end up probably in hell. Word of Advice, try saving more souls, the afterlife is far more important than this one.

Nicanor Perlas – and so an Ilonggo tries to woo the Philippines to become the next president. Not bad. He seems to be credible until…I knew he was a divorcee. Morality still plays a vital role in choosing a president. We wouldn’t want someone with such marital status as a president or we end up waking up one morning with the Divorce Law passed right before our noses.

Joseph Estrada – and so here goes again. An unending loop of what Philippine politics are known of. And so, we marched last February 2001 to oust this president and then here he comes again running for the same position he was thrown out. One question: How would we know that you won’t screw up this time? Picking the right friends? I don’t want to be on the same situation like before. Just like romance, screw me once, just once, please. We have moved on. Please do so, too.

Gilbert Teodoro – Oh, him?  I doubt that he would win. But then, I am considering voting for him, however, he is from the administration, an administration which seems to be reluctant in endorsing him. Is this a political strategy so as not to damage his ranking in the surveys? The surname Arroyo seems to be bringing a virus to whichever name it was attached with. Remember Villaroyo? I pity Manny Villar, he wasn’t able to recover from that. The surname is so powerful it can be placed in a Witch’s Spellbook, never to be touched or open again along with the lines “I am Sorry.” Okay, Teodoro seems to be the best bet yet, however, some factors might hold me from voting for him. One, Manny Villar, Two, Manny Villar, 3, Manny Villar, and the long list continue.

Manny Villar – And so, I have seen him leading the airwaves from almost a year now. With his campaign ads where he saves a number of OFW’s from their “masters” signaled the start of his campaign. Then comes the jingle which rattled my head for 4 months. Then, he invaded facebook. Then, youtube. Then every possible media where he can put his face. And before that, his occasional appearance in Wowowee giving out houses which stand on land-grabbed areas from the farmers who used to live and make a living out of it. And then came the house, and the dead brother, and worst of all, the children. My goal for this election is to stop Villar from winning by either giving my vote to Teodoro or Aquino. Just like what happened last May 2004 elections in which I have to choose the lesser evil.No, Not Manny Villar.

Noynoy Aquino – fresh from the wake of his dead mother, former President Cory Aquino, comes the knight in shining armor in the person of “Noynoy.” So what if he is the son of the former president, it doesn’t mean he had inherited all of her mother’s genes. Noynoy is not yet ripe. It’s like eating a bright yellow-mango, only to discover that it was still not ripe by the time your teeth sinks into it. He was pushed by the hype made by the people which sparked the hope for a better Philippines for Noynoy. He has also the Luisita tragedy which brings the balance beam a little lower than I expect.  He’s leading the polls, does it mean I have to give my vote to Gibo?

JC Delos Reyes – I don’t know you.

Vetellano Acosta – I don’t know you too.

At the end of the end, I must also choose, but what I am looking for the president is when one of them answers my question on their stand on Reproductive Health Bill, environmental concerns and Nursing legislations and concerns. That is it. But then, if I really, really don’t want Villar to win, either I give my vote to Noynoy or Gibo. So tell me, which one should I choose?


  1. I know that the election has come and gone, but reading this today made me sad. Every single Filipino person I have ever met has been wonderful, kind, and almost too generous, and no one in your country deserves rigged elections and dirty politics. I wish I could do more to help, but at this point I just hope that the future brings justice for your country.
    Liz Phillips
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  2. i just come across this liz, im so thankful for your concern for us... God speed.