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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

I will not let this day be over without giving my insights with the latest installment of The Twilight Saga. Following the trend that Harry Potter has started - splitting a book into two movies, The Twilight Saga proved to be a copy cat of the latter. Call me bias but I also adore some characters of the Twilight Saga and that only include the Volturis, which I have seen only 3% of the entire film. Yes, they were there. I guess you were one of the 90% who went outside the cinema right after the ending credits started rolling, well, sucks for you, there were scenes in the middle of the credits.

Anyways, Breaking Dawn started where we were left off in Eclipse. Edward and Bella are planning to get married. Now that all three villains from Laurent's team were killed, the Volturis are the ones left in the scene that would put Bella in danger, however, another comes in when Bella got pregnant. Let us say that this movie is the less funnier version of Knocked Up but cheesier. The baby has four names, "thing", "fetus", Edward Jacob and Renesme. Ok, so much for combing names, we Filipinos are better in combining names. Just to be fair, I also hated Albus Severus but Renesme is just plain bad.

Breaking Dawn has its strengths. The choices of the locations where most of the scenes were shot are just amazing. The scenes with the werewolves are done with finesse and I am referring with the 3D animation. The soundtrack is just appropriate for scenes that needs its service.

One of my complaints as a viewer is that most of the scenes are overblown. The whole movie could have been compressed in 45 minutes and just go on with the 2nd part. Although, I agree that the part where Part 1 has left off is the most strategic place to leave a viewer in a cliffhanger.Breaking Dawn is the book that should have not been separated into two parts and somehow the decision to split it into two is shamelessly because it would collect more money from the viewing public. The attempt for characterization is there especially with Edward's part however, Bella seemed to fall apart and that it was very hard for me to feel the main reason why she wanted a child. One of the problem with this movie is that Kristen Stewart has not improve the way she acts and that cost the whole movie. But who pays attention to her anyway when most of the audience are teen girls who are there to swoon over Edward and Jacob. Guys who were dragged in the movie house may cringe and find themselves lost as to why this vampire film is just so hot.

Breaking Dawn maybe the hottest pancake these days but just like pancakes, they are just good while they are still hot. The film will never be able to match up with Vampire movies like Dracula or An  Interview with a Vampire. The book may be a literary success but the films are just plain bland. Still, its better than Twilight. By the way, where is Dakota Fanning when you need her?




  1. The book is not a literary success. Commercial success, yes. Both the movies and the books suck big time.

  2. hmmm, thanks for correcting me about that... :)

  3. i didn't see the end credit! sucks big time!