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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Feet 2

File:Happy Feet Two Poster.jpg
One of the greatest wonders of our films today is 3D animation. Ever since Pixar made Toy Story back in the 90s, it has developed so rapidly that we are currently enjoying this technology in its full potential. Along with Pixar's greatest films, there are some who managed to be at par with them. Back in 2006, Happy Feet was released and has garnered very positive reviews. What made the film so special is the theme of self-discovery and a very timely topic which concerns global warming. Happy Feet 2 is the follow up to the blockbuster and critically-acclaimed animated film.

Happy Feet 2 follows the story of Mumble and Gloria who are now the leaders of the Penguin Empire. They have a son named Eric who happens to have the same issue as Mumble during his childhood years. To make matters worse, the empire is also threatened by glaziers that are quickly melting which separated Mumble from Gloria and the rest of the Empire. It is up to Mumble to help the other penguin as all of them struggle for survival and at the same time winning his son's affection.

Mainly, the story sways too much of the things that are happening to the empire and somehow loses coherence on which is the ultimate conflict. It seems that the plot is all over place and the main reasons why the subplots are there just for the sole purpose to support the soundtrack. Much of it was centered mostly on survival at the end of the plot. The impact of the film would have been greater if the current climate change played a vital role in the plot - that would have been better. I also dislike the idea of putting Will and Bill's character into the movie since they do not affect to the plot whatsoever.

While the plot has been my main concern for the whole film, it has, on the other hand, was able to surpass expectations in their 3D animation. The colors were very bright and the details were intricate. The soundtrack was smart and was placed strategically in each scene. Pink served as Gloria's voice replacing the late Britanny Murphy and has provided a better and more powerful voice to the character. Elijah Wood seemed to be a little laid back with the character. Robin Williams is ever delightful in delivering his voice to the character while Sofia Vergara's Columbian accent is not annoying as it should be.

Happy Feet is both a delight to youngsters without dragging the parents or its adult audience. The film also contains some cute scenes that can make you go "aaaaw. "Although it is not as great as its predecessor, Happy Feet 2 manages to stand both in its two feet but barely hanging on.