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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Road

It seems that the horror genre has been left off since there were a handful of Filipino Horror movies which were released and did not make enough box office tickets to surpass the success of Feng Shui and Sukob. Villa Estrella is just one of those movies who are just both commercially and critically failed as a movie - Cinco is even worse. Shake, Rattle and Roll has failed to deliver the substance the series once have during those early years. In the upcoming MMFF, I will not be surprised that they will be releasing a new installment. With all the horror movies that has been released, they follow the same formula of scaring its audience and every time they do, moviegoers like me would already anticipate what will happen next and then lose the anticipation. With the release of another horror movie, we are hoping for something new, and it was delivered by an unlikely film producer - GMA Films.

I never believed in GMA Films in terms of how they work with movies. They have actors whom I am not familiar with, plots that seemed to be used again and again, and the same formula of cheesiness that makes me go cringe. They do not have a "few"" successful films, they only had one - Jose Rizal. What lacks this film company to come up with a decent movie is a good screenwriter and a skillful director who can transform what was written in a screenplay to appropriate images on screen. With "The Road," they hit the jackpot.

Written and directed by Yam Laranas, The Road follows the story of 2 missing children in 1998 and the mystery that surrounds the incident. The plot is simple yet Laranas was able to delve more with the story which has provided a very constructive story making its audience understand the whole scenario. While it depends mostly on flashbacks, it has provided a construe of events that makes it easier to feel the villain. 

While Laranas was able to establish a well-thought plot, he also has a way with the camera. Laranas' experience in Hollywood has paid off with the scenic shots, unconventional camera movements and a delicate eye with contrasts and colors. The actors were also commendable. I have seen Rhian Ramos act on television and she is different with this one. Some of the young actors like Barbie Fortaleza steals the scene from the others and provided a very concrete emotional prowess on her scenes. Carmina Villaroel played the antagonist's mother and Marvin Agustin as the father. Both of them are neurotic in the movie. While Carmina plays the extrovert neurotic, Marvin is the silent one. It really takes a good director to bring out the sleeping talents of these actors. Carmina played genuinely as the triggering factor to the whole scenario and for that she has delivered a sinister character. Alden Richards who played the villain demonstrated that acting is not measured on how you deliver your line but by how your eyes communicate with the audience. 

When I first heard about the movie, I had my thoughts. Seeing this movie, Laranas and his team was able to recreate a genre which has lost its essence. If you are the type of moviegoer who wants to scream the whole time, then this movie is not for you. It may have its scary moments but this film makes you care with the characters. 

The Road is definitely should be seen as a movie and not some cheap horror film which may provide the scream but has no logic whatsoever.



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  1. Wow! I have to watch this film. Thanks!