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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Iron Lady

Little did we know about the life of Margaret Thatcher, the first female British Prime Minister who served during the era in which Marcos was ruling over the Philippines. In today's generation, we never hear about Thatcher. Who is she? Why is she dubbed as "The Iron Lady?" What is her particular contribution to what Great Britain is known to be at the present? These are just few of the questions that were aroused when I first saw the trailer and I saw a strong-willed woman who was able to carry the burden of leading a great country.

The film opened with Thatcher (as an old woman) buying fresh milk without the people around her noticing. We follow her to her home and thus we see her struggle with dementia. The accounts of her life is presented in flashback as she reminisce with her dead husband Denis who appears as a hallucination. Denis also represents her struggle with the disease. This biographical film shows how Thatcher, being the only woman in the parliament was able to climb up to the pedestal and heralded as one of the greatest leader Great Britain has even seen.

The Iron Lady is one of the biopic films that rises above others because of the engaging performances of its actors. Meryl Streep proved to be one of the most versatile actresses of this age having been able to perform each role that she had to be written exactly for her. Whatever role and picture, Streep can definitely deliver. Jim Broadbent, known to play Professor Slughorn in the Harry Potter movies, plays as Denis Thatcher, the indifferent husband of Thatcher.

The Iron Lady is one of the biopics that the younger generation should watch. Viewers can learn from the wisdom and mistakes of Thatcher. The movie is worth watching not only because of Streep's performance but because we have to be reminded that even once, Great Britain was led by a brilliant mind who never made her being as a female be a hindrance to lead.



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