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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jack and Jill

Happy Madison has been giving us with a lot of memorable comedies - The House Bunny, Zohan and Click were just among the comedies I really find very entertaining. Click has been Adam Sandler's best comedy in his entire career, combining both witty humor, fast-paced plot and a very touching climax. Sandler comes back with a new comedy and now plays two characters which proves to be an audience-grabber.

Jack and Jill opens with testimonials of twins on how they get about with themselves, the fun moments, embarrassing ones and the touching ones. Right after the 2 minute intro comes how Jack and Jill dealt with each other and tells the 30 years worth of story in a compact 3 minutes. Jack and Jill were never great with each other. Jack resents Jill, while Jill thinks they are still in good terms. Jill visits Jack for Thanksgiving and the problem escalates when she decided to extend her holidays.

Jack and Jill is Adam Sandler written all over. The jokes and antics are all Sandler-signatured. However, this movie feels like I am watching a remake of the Love Guru which stars Mike Myers, low budget.

Jack and Jill are one of Adam Sandler's movies that should not be watched. Sandler may have scored good comedies but this one does not even meet the lowest of my standards. I hope to see another Sandler movie much better than this.

It does not even deserve my usual 500 word quota for a review.



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