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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top 10 Themes from Animated Movies

For the past 20 years, animated movies has been a companion even in my adult years. It seems really hard to part with it. There will always be a child in me. Together with these good animated films are great themes. Some are still popular and has lived throughout time. What is a movie without a theme song right? And so here is my list of the most loved songs seen in Animated Movies.

10. Kiss The Girl (The Little Mermaid)
- one of the most beautiful songs sang in this movie while Ariel and Prince Eric are having a wonderful afternoon in the river. Desperate for that kiss that will make Ariel human permanently, Sebastian the crab decided to take the matters in his own hands with this lovely song.

9. Circle of Life (The Lion King)
- the famous opening of the epic that was The Lion King. The majesty of the film is seen in the first few frames and the hype is not lukewarm until the end.

8. At The Beginning (Anastasia)
- probably one of the most famous songs given by lovers or friends. it simply tells us how important people are to people.

7. When You Believe (Prince of Egypt)
- this powerful song from the animated film about Moses was sung no other by two of the most powerful voices in Hollywood. This Carey and Houston collaboration is well received by many and even a great song to sing in competitions.

6. You'll Be in my Heart (Tarzan)
- Phil Collins wrote all the songs for this movie which transcends a theme of acceptance and love. This song is as powerful as Strangers Like Me among others. This is such a personal song which makes it very relatable.

5. A Whole New World (Aladdin)
- Sung by one of Philippine's great talents, Lea Salonga, A whole new World made waves in the 90s along with the success of the film. The fantasy of being in a magic carpet came along with this song. 

4. Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
- winner of Oscar's Best Song Award, this powerhouse duet from Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion wowed everyone. "Tale as old as time" can never be forgotten. This song was also played during the scene where Beast and Belle danced in the hall marked with incredible camera work which is new for an animated film.

3. Someone's Waiting For You (The Rescuers)
- this is one of the most heartfelt songs ever sung in a movie. Although The rescuers may not be as popular as any of the Disney film, this song may have survived the test of time. 

2. Somewhere Out There (An American Tail)
- Don Bluth's film about a mouse trying to find his American Dream is one of the most heart breaking film there is. Together with it, is a heart breaking song about being far away from loved ones.

1. If We Hold On Together (Land Before Time)
- this Diana Ross classic is the theme for the most dramatic animated film ever made. Set in the prehistoric times, Land Before Time tells the story of Little Foot and his friends as they journey to the Great Valley, the last surviving paradise after the great earthquake. The song is nothing but fitting to the film's plot. The song became one of the most popular songs ever made aside from The Wizard of Oz's Somewhere Over The Rainbow



  1. Talk about taking a trip down memory lane! I absolutely love these songs. Still find myself singing to them once in a while. Puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing these. It really made my day.

  2. Disney always was able to have good music for their movies. If we hold on and somewhere out there were really classic.

  3. I have three songs that I should say I love hearing it all over again. I like #7 more than #6 and also #9. In my choice those should rank higher.

  4. When you believe and A Whole New World are my two favorite songs too. These remind the child in me. A film with a beautiful theme song would really help remember it.

  5. aaawww you remind me of such great childhood memories... my faves are beauty and the beast and lion king... really close to my heart... but songs in the Little mermaid are awesome... really catchy

  6. most of the song brings back a lot of good memories... i think this song touched a lot of us, one way or another... Yahweh bless.

  7. I would have to agree with your choices. They certainly form the best of the best in songs used for animated films.

  8. can't agree more. big fan of aniation movies and songs. Check my underconstruction blog www.animogeek.blogspot.com and tell me how you find it

  9. These songs are classic and so are the animated movies but my favorite among the songs is Mariah Carey's when you believe.

  10. I love listening to movie theme songs. They're so inspiring and soothing to the soul. You've the classic movie themes.