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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top 5 Trilogies

What does Neo, Frodo, Susan, and Bruce Wayne have in common? They are all part of a trilogy. A great franchise is usually a result of a good storyline and artistic take on the concept at hand. With the release of The Dark Knight Rises, it is a no-brainer that The Dark Knight Series will claim its spot on one of the best Trilogies ever made. Christopher Nolan treated the dark crusader's concept to a higher bar and thus  its success. And so, here is my list of the greatest Trilogies ever made.

5. Toy Story
-When Toy Story 1 came out, it became the revolutionary film that turned the animated industry upside  down. This film pioneered 3D Animation and did not only a success in the box office but also with the critics with its ingenuity and wit. Toy Story 2 came out as strong as the first movie delivering very strong characters and improved animation. It ended in 2010 with the release of the Toy Story 3 which showed that the series is not worn out but rather came out with a surprising twist at the end. Every child followed Woody, Buzz and his friends just like growing up as a kid like Andy did.

4. Spiderman
- Sam Raimi helmed a well crafted film about the friendly wall crawling superhero to life. A feat that may be impossible to fill. There were a few changes with Spiderman's features, however, this did not affect the film. It was the flawed character of Peter Parker that made this film "relatable" and realistic. The strongest film of the trilogy was the 2nd one where Peter becomes worned out of balancing his secret identity, love, career, family and school. Although the 3rd film suffered from poor writing due to the addition of 3 or more characters, the film still is an epic.

3. Back to the Future
- One of the trilogies that would hold you back into your seat. Back To The Future is a roller coaster ride involving time travel. The film stars Michael J. Fox in his pre-Parkinson state and Christopher Lloyd as Doc. What makes this trilogy likable is the twist and turns that happens throughout the film. The adrenaline is there.  It made it viewers more curious of how would they alter the past and how it would affect the future. The central theme of the film is Cause and Effect, and the way it was presented as a film, it was quite enjoyable and effective at the same time.

2. Star Wars (The Original Trilogy)
- The film that launched George Lucas star up to the galaxy is a trilogy that has stirred the viewing masses with its engaging special effects, memorable characters and one of the most shocking revelation in motion picture history. Comparing this to the Prequel saga, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi is far more superior, story-wise and acting wise. Star Wars will always be one of the best films, leaving us that there is something to look after somewhere in a far, far away galaxy.

1. Lord of the Rings
- Based on J.R.R. Tolkien's epic saga about Middle Earth tops this list of the greatest trilogies ever made. The book is complex and elaborate that many has predicted that this would be impossible to be seen in the silverscreen. However, a brave soul named Peter Jackson proved the impossible to be possible. When The Fellowship of The Ring came out, lovers of the book is ready to scrutinize and criticize Jackson's work but end up worshiping the director for its most faithful adaptation. When Two Towers was released, everyone is in awe as we see the battle of Rohan against the 10000 Urukhais. However, Return of the King saved the best for last as it turned out to be the epic ending to a saga that made us believe once more with Kings and wizards and elves and magic.


  1. I seems to like Lord of the Rings but above them all is Spiderman..!!

  2. Lord of the Rings is one of the rare movies that was better than the book. The book is to complex yet the premise is simple, get rid of the ring but the movie was a thrill to watch from the wonderful landscape to the action packed scenes.

  3. I think I like Lord of the ring most, spider-man has been revised a lot of times.

  4. No matter how many times that the toy story 3 shown in the cable, we still watch it, I never get fed up with woody hehehe.

  5. I also like Star Wars trilogy and the prequel as it was what I can say... "out of this world." Great effects and fighting scenes.

  6. I love Lord of the rings! LOL, but if i were in the future, i'd add the hunger games. I cannot wait for its second and third movie!

  7. Among these movies, I've only seen the first two and I am a big fan of them! They are truly epic movies. :)

  8. Toy Story will be on top of my list. A kiddie movie but the story and life lesson, its for all to know about.

  9. great post :) ive watched Lord of the rings twice..the only thing im concerned about is i haven't watched Star Wars at all O_O maybe its time hehe

  10. I will not watch LOTR trilogy again... zzzzz...

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  11. LOTR still the best Trilogy for me. :)

  12. Liked and watched them all! I'm a sucker for trilogies heheheh