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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pitch Perfect

Glee is one of the surprise hit in television. When Glee became a boob tube sensation, everything seemed to be musical. There were a lot of covers made from recent pop hits. There were reality shows about glee clubs and even about finding the right voices and faces that would be part of the cast of the series. One thing we don't need is a film about glee club but Pitch Perfect's trailer promises a very great film, and did it deliver? Read on.

There were two Acapella groups in Barden College, an all girl group named "The Bellas" and their rival, "The Treblemakers." Though they are of the same school, they competed with each during the Regionals up to the Finals. It was not really a good year for The Bellas when one of their soloist turned out sick while singing solo during the finals and it is up for them to find new recruits to gain their reputation after a horrible year. The Treblemakers however, is enjoying a high class fame after winning the finals in which The Bella's lost horribly. Becca is a freshman who is trying to find herself through music and ends up in an acapella club after she was heard singing in the bathroom to David Guetta and Sia's Titanium. This turn out came to be a turning point of her life as she discovers that college is no different with high school as everyone is just trying to fit in.

Pitch Perfect is a surprise hit for me. I have never laughed so hard for a movie and believe me, it is very hard to control that boisterous laugh when you see something really funny. Pitch Perfect is Glee's PG-16 version. While Glee tries to explore how high school glee member try to fit in, Pitch Perfect is the semi-American Pie version where they are free to talk about sex like they were talking about Miley Cyrus and her new song.

Pitch Perfect also has better song choices in terms of mash ups and Riff-offs (a battale between Acapella groups). I would consider Pitch Perfect as the Step Up of singing. While they provide good vocals, they also showcase a lot of showmanship. There is not a dull moment while watching the film. Though there is a limited characterization among all the characters, you will come to love each one of them. Fat Amy is adorable, Lilly steals the show (you will see what I mean) and Chloe displays a very strong vocal performance. Anna Kendrick (Beca) is one adorable character.

Pitch Perfect is your typical film about an underdog gone victorious but it was the laughs and the performances which makes this film different from the rest. There is less characterization but hey, I was entertained and really had a good laugh. Pitch Perfect lives out its title. There was nothing pitchy about Pitch Perfect.





  1. Everybody, except for Anna Kendrick, is funny and energetic and they all definitely make this movie a lot better than it had any darn right to be in the first-place. Good review Mavin.

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