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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Guy's In Love With You, Mare

One year ago, Vice Ganda starred in a movie that seemed to be considered as one of the worst films ever made. Praybeyt Benjamin was the least of the movie I expected to hold the Philippines most watched film in terms of box-office returns. The repetitive dialogue and lazy directing has to be blamed with the low class quality of the film. In defense of the actors who were at that film, they delivered but could have been better with proper guidance from their director. This year, Wenn Deramas collaborates with Vice Ganda once again to deliver another comedy about the strangest relationship about a gay man, bisexual and a woman.

Lester has been with Mike for 5 years as a partner. Lester was Mike's provider, from college to even supporting the basic needs of Mike's family. So when Mike broke up with Lester in their 5th Anniversary, Lester was left with nothing but devastation with their failed relationship. Mike, on the other hand, has been in a relationship with Gemma for a year. This was unknown to Lester until he saw the couple which made him to devise a plan that would separate the two and make Mike come back to him by acting as a straight man and court Gemma.

I abhor Praybeyt Benjamin as much as I abhor Master of Disguise. With this film, there is much more to enjoy than the latter. There is more cohesion in terms of plot. However, I want to blame the people who made the trailer since most of the jokes seen there are the ones you will also see in the film with only few additions. There were some funny moments and there were icky moments as well. Vice Ganda now plays a different type of humor however it can also be tiring due to repetitions. The chemistry between the three lead characters are quite in sync. Toni seemed to be comfortable with her role and that goes with Luis and Vice. The movie seemed to fall apart in Act 3 where they all go melodramatic using lines from previous movies. It may have been effective during the early 2000s but not at this age. Sarcastic jokes is comedy at this time. Slapstick is dead.

This Guy's In Love With You, Mare is better than Praybeyt Benjamin by a mile but it does not match up with Wenn Deramas' Tanging Ina. There are a few laugh out loud moments with this film but I would not pay 200php for this film, maybe 100php.