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Friday, July 12, 2013

Despicable Me 2

File:Despicable Me 2 poster.jpgWhen Gru hit the screens 2 years ago, it was an instant hit. Considering that Despicable Me was released in the same year with Megamind (which "incidentally" has the same plot with some twists), Despicable Me has more fun and more heart. This year, Despicable Me 2 is much awaited due to its appealing teaser trailer which shows how adorable Gru's minions are.

Since Gru's victory over Vector and winning the hearts of 3 orphan girls, Gru embraced his fatherly instinct and becomes the best father he can be. This peaceful scenario was somehow disrupted when Gru's services are needed by the Anti-Villain League to thwart an evil plan by an unknown villain. Gru refused however, his insatiable thirst for adventure made him to engage in such a mission. Together with his trusted Minions and his partner, Lucy Wilde, Gru is off to an adventure he never expected to have a happy ending.

Fans of the first film would notice that this film lacks that pinch of heartwarming scenes. However, the second film makes up with the silliness and comical plot instead. The movie has its share of fun-filled moments. While Gru provides some moments, it was the Minions who really stole the whole film. It may be their cuteness, but it was the Minion's innocence that makes them so adorable. Somehow, the audiences may feel more attached with the Minions than Gru in the film. Lucy Wilde character is lovable too. Her carefree disposition seemed to be an instant hit with the viewers.

One complaint I have in mind is the film's uninspired villain. His identity is so predictable and does not need an idiot to guess who the bad guy is. Another is the villain's lack of purpose for evil and somehow his intentions is less complex than a regular TV show villain seen in Power Rangers.

Despicable Me 2 has a lot of fun, and yes the film delivers. However, I was looking for that magic that the first film was able to deliver. It is a good thing that the Minions were there to save the day too.



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