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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Wolverine

Without a doubt, Wolverine is considered the most popular X-Man. His kick-ass and grunge attitude is a hit among teens to adults. This led to a successful Origins film centered on this confused hero which only proved how popular he is when it became a box office hit. This year, Wolverine came back unexpectedly. No hype was made for this film. The big question is how would this film be any better than the previous ones.

Picking up after the events that took place in X-Men: The Last Stand, Wolverine is left again with a broken heart and spirit, dealing with Jean Grey's death and the unknown path the X-Men will tread after the death of Professor X and the existence of the cure. Logan became a hermit, living off in caves waiting for self-absolution. Along came Yukio who invited him to come with her to Japan to repay a visit from his old friend. Logan was reunited with Shingen Yashida, a former Japanese soldier whom Logan saved during the 2nd World War. This visit changed everything when Logan was caught in a family chaos.

I was expecting this film to pick up after the events of X-Men: Origins but it was better that they made it as a middle chapter for X-Men: Days of Future Past. While Origins tried to explore how Logan became scarred, this film showed how he coped over his previous loss emotionally. The Wolverine is not only an eye candy but is an emotional journey for the famed superhero. Though it was not as deep as any Batman film, Wolverine has its moments.

These scenes may not be effective if not for Hugh Jackman's performance. Rila Fukishima who played Yukio excelled in this film. The Japanese actors did well too. It was refreshing to see Famke Janssen back as Jean Grey. Her character symbolizes Logan's emotional journey.

I was a bit disappointed with the villains particularly with the Silver Samurai. I was expecting a different presentation of his character. Viper is not even inspiring as a villain. This may be the weakest link for the film.

The Wolverine boasts of solid and breathtaking action sequences and an acceptable story line but an unnecessary addition for plot development for an X-Men movie. However, I did enjoy the film and that is what movies is all about.




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