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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lone Ranger

Who is the Lone Ranger? We might be familiar with the name but the question deals on the characters persona. Who is this superhero? What are his adventures? And why does Johnny Depp eccentric in this film? (Pretending to be surprised) As of writing time, Lone Ranger has suffered box office sales in the US and failing marks from various film critics. I then decided to bring along a friend and see for ourselves what the critics are saying, "2013's biggest bomb."

Lone Ranger is based on a radio show started in 1933 of the same name. It follows the story of John Reid and Tonto in the good old west as they avenge their loved ones from an outlaw named Cavendish. Their desire to seek revenge leads them to a greater set-up no one expected to happen. The adventure lead them to become close friends and in the end, partners.

Basically, the plot is simple. But what do we expect with a Gore Verbinski film? Just like "At World's End", the film is overblown with subplots that does not necessary contribute much to the storytelling. This style, just like in Pirates 2 and 3, made me snooze. Verbinski is so engrossed in meeting the 2 and 1/2 hours quota that somehow he missed the fun. Instead, we have the Tonto and the Lone Ranger lingering in the wild west doing nothing. Even Helena Bonham's character is not significant, though I hoped her character did. 
John: This is how bad the movie was? Tonto: Ummm, yeah
The first 2 acts of the film is a pompous bore. It was only the last act that I was able to pick up myself from being half-awake and enjoyed the movie. The Lone Ranger was also overshadowed by Tonto in the film. Although I loved Depp's character, it seemed like he still has the hangover of being Jack Sparrow. 

While The Lone Ranger was bleak, the excitement on the last act should have been present in the entire film. Besides, the film is supposed to be fun and not an overblown display of scenes that are just plainly boring.



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