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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Enteng ng Ina Mo

Image DetailSpin-offs are trending right now. It seems that we are also affected of lack of fresh new ideas that we have to recycle great ideas from the past. It all started last year when Panday and the Enteng Kabisote series tied up to make Si Enteng at ang Panday, and this idea is not that far-fetched since they both have shared a common theme: Fantasy. With Enteng ng Ina Mo, it would be really hard to combine two genre which seemed to have very little in common, and that is a feat that the writers of the film will have to surpass.

Enteng Kabisote is originally a Filipino version of the US television show Bewitched which was shown back in the 90's as Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! Ina, on the other hand, is a series of movies made after the success of the first movie. This unlikely combination of themes is considered to be impossible, not until Vic and Ai-Ai, both considered to be Blockbuster Royalties during Festival Seasons, decided to team up to make the blockbuster movie that would surpass their own movies.

I won't be spilling up the plot. It is predictable. Nonetheless, what makes this movie special is that it pays tribute to classic Filipino comedies by returning to the basics of what makes our comedies really amusing. Although the movie does not contain much of the slapstick humor that the usual comedies that we have, it managed to retain its crowd with witty lines and perfect comedic timing provided by its lead characters. Yes, some lines are very old and cliched, yet I commend Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai Delas Alas with their perfect comedic timing which somehow lacked in most of the comedies we have seen during the past years. There was a song number but it was not awkward. There is a central theme about family but it was not overrated.

Image DetailAlthough the movie was able to achieve its goal to entertain, there are some points which I find to be disappointing. First and foremost, I would like to point out the greatest problem in in-movie endorsements. We know that movies need product endorsement in order for them to have considerable amounts for movie production but please, do not make it so obvious. I cringe every time that there are products slapped in my face while watching a flick, and if there is really a need, do it with subtlety. Second: Improve the special effects. How much time do you need to perfect the craft when this is already the 5th Enteng Kabisote film.

It was nice to have Tony Reyes direct this film and was not given to Wenn Deramas who is obviously tired of the Ina Series (the third film is the worst). Reyes, together with the screenwriters did a good job by providing a very cohesive plot. Kudos to Eugene Domingo who provided one of the humorous scene in the movie - The Wall Scene.

Indeed Enteng ng Ina Mo succeeded in combining two themes without making it awkward to watch.





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