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Sunday, December 11, 2011


File:Immortals poster.jpgOne of the great things about Greek Mythology is its richness in terms of content and the grandness of its scale. Quite a few movies has embarked in telling the different myths under it - there was Disney's Hercules, the Clash of the Titan's Remake, Percy Jackson and the original Clash of the Titans which I feel bested among all others. This year, another movie about the gods of Olympus hits the theaters and everyone is talking about it. But why?

"Immortals" tells the story about Thesius, a mortal who is destined to stop Hyperion from obtaining the Epirus Bow which is used to free the Titans who would destroy the gods. The plot is simple but what matters with movies is how it was told. With Immortals, it has focused more on how magnificent their 3D environment was that it failed to deliver realism and has become more of a painted background design. Simply, the filmmakers has trouble in making the movie coherent and accurate. Fans of the Greek Myth will find themselves dumbfounded as they sit through the whole movie as much as I did or maybe even worse.

Let me point out some inaccuracies. First, the gods are immortals. I find it ironic that the Gods can be killed. When Zeus said, "If any of you will aid the mortals, it is punishable by death." What? Is this even for real? Second, the Titans are the dethroned rulers of Olympus by Zeus.One of the original Titans is Hyperion, in the movie, he is a mortal who seeks for revenge against Zeus. Third, Zeus is not even powerful as he should be. No lightning bolts?! One of the problems of the movie are the actors themselves. The actors who portrayed the gods does not even show command or respect that their characters are required of them. Thesius is not even likable as a character that even during the second half of the film, I simply don't care about his character.

Greek Myth is such a beauty as described by Hesiod in his poems. Immortals is trash collected from every house, was recycled but still looks like trash. The subtext which contained "From the producers of 300" is misleading in every way. If you want to spend the afternoon doing something worthwhile, then watching this movie should not be part of your list. Now that could be the reason why everyone is talking about it.



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