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Friday, December 16, 2011

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

File:Mission impossible ghost protocol.jpgIt's been 5 years since the last Mission Impossible movie and I find the previous movie very insignificant. I can remember that I was barely amazed with MI:3. When it was announced that an MI:4 is in the works, I have no feeling of excitement whatsoever towards the franchise since it failed to enticed me with the previous film. However, due to good words handed over by my friends over the new movie, I said, I might give this movie a chance.

Set after the event of MI:3, MI:4 picks up where Ethan Hunt is still in the mourn of the death of his wife, well, most of the people around him assumes that he still do so. Ethan is now faced with a mission to stop a nuclear war between Russia and the USA. Simple plot, right? Yet with its simplicity, director Brad Bird was able to engage the audience with elaborate fight scenes and cliff-hanging situations.

What sets this movie apart from the other films is that, it was made to impress the audience with it action scenes with the absence of motion sickness due to shaky camera movements. The movie also try to be very basic by returning to its roots by providing only a type of storytelling that merely involves a focus on the conflict at hand and not introducing a web of plot lines which somehow can distract the viewers like what happened to the Pirates of the Carribean Series.

Moviegoers will be amazed on the different gadgets used in the movie. I particularly fancy the one used against the guard. (NO spoilers! I will never allow to deny you the fun I had while watching it) Although the film does not show off a lot of fancy cars and hot women, the gadgets and the breathtaking scenes are more than a compensation.

I always have faith in Brad Bird and when I knew that he was about to direct this film, well then, the franchise is in good hands. Brad Bird is the director of The Incredibles and with MI:4, he has delivered his craft perfectly. Michael Giacchino also provided a very subtle and not so overriding score for the movie. And as for Tom Cruise, he is getting older by the minute but still he showed us that he can still endure the stunts that he made in the film.

It was a good sign that I haven't noticed that the movie is already running for 1 hour and a half. For fans of the franchise, this latest installment is such a good catch you should never ever miss.




  1. I'm actually not a fan of MI, but I bet my dad would enjoy this (he's a fan).


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