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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Won't Last A Day Without You

I have never been a fan of all those mushy Filipino movies that usually depicts high school girl fantasies wrapped   in fragrant package. I never believed in their ability to heighten my senses, very few did. When I first saw "A Special Love" back in 2008, i never believed in Sarah Geronimo to bring out in the silver screen a character that may be loved by the masses, but it did, and with this new movie, she came out with the character we are all familiar with.

Won't Last A Day follows the life of DJ Heidi aka George who runs a segment about listeners asking for help on how to mend their broken hearts. George wittingly answers their problems and becomes a hit. Andrew, on the other hand, is a womanizing cutie who happens to have a girlfriend who called in on the show and caused their break-up which follows a series of events that lead to the acquaintance of George and Andrew.

One thing that I have noticed with the movie is that it was made with effort but less than what I expect, but an effort nonetheless. Gerald came in strong and has improved his acting by a mile, although there are some scenes that I see him as his TV character Budoy. Sarah seemed to have only one acting style and that's what she has been using ever since "A Special Love." It all seems like deja vu for Sarah. I have seen the girl from A Special Love, I have seen it all. 

One thing that I liked about this movie is that it did not rely too much on heavy drama to exaggerate the conflicts.It was able to maintain a feel good atmosphere. I have no problems with the cheesiness of the plot or the scenes, this is a typical feel-good movie, and after watching it, I felt good.

One of my complaints is that there are no character build ups. Why do Andrew speak sometimes in Bisaya? What caused him to womanize? Where is George's mother? Character development seemed to have left off which makes me feel a bit disconnected with the characters. But who cares? Most of the people who went there are either Sarah's fan or Gerald's fans, or even friends who were dragged in there without a choice. 

Hailed to beat box office records, this movie is one feel good movie that people who are depressed should watch (not suitable for broken-hearted ones). Somehow this movie has uplifted my mood a bit and that is something for a moviegoer like me.



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